How Fish Oil Pills Benefit Your Health

Fish like tuna, salmon, sardines etc. are not only loved for their taste but they also contain rich fish oil called Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This kind of oil has important properties which can be used for solving a number of health related issues.

Researchers all over the world have found the following benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids pills:
1. Reduces the risk of heart disease: Specialists suggest that people with heart problems should take 2-4 gram of omega 3 in either the form of dietary fish intake or oral pills every day.

The pills can help reduce various problems like risk of heart attack, risk of abnormal heart beat and risk of stroke to those suffering from such problems.

2. Lowering of triglyceride levels: Triglycerides are main form of fat stored in the body which are used to provide energy. But when a body has high triglyceride levels, there are high chances of that person to contract heart diseases and diabetes. Hence, it is important to maintain a certain level of triglycerides. Fish oil pills can help reduce the level by almost half of the amount as stored in the body.

3. Relieves pain during menstrual cycle: Some women endure a lot of pain during their periods. The intensity of pain differs from individual to individual. Omega 3 fish oil pill helps alleviate stomach pain, back pain and tends to improve the overall condition. It also reduces the need to intake other pain relieving drugs.

4. Prevention of mental illness: Researches have shown that intake of omega 3 fish oil pill prevents the development of any psychotic illness in one's mind. It can also be used for treating those suffering from bipolar disorders and is depressed.

5. Asthma: Fish oil when taken by pregnant women reduces the risk of asthma in the infants. It has the properties of improving airflow, reducing cough and lowering the need for medication. In case you are pregnant and have respiratory problems, you can consult your doctor regarding these supplements.

Apart from this, Omega 3 pills also help in preventing cancer, Alzheimer's disease, hyperactivity, dyspraxia in children, miscarriage in women and whole lot of other risks. People tend to notice a higher memory span after consuming fish oil pills. All these researches are backed by scientific proof and proper study in order to show the best benefits of omega 3 fish oil pills.

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