The Caveman Paleolithic Diet

The last 84 tribes our world has ever known , are some of the thinnest , trim and fastest on earth today as a whole the . Why is that?
Is it genetic ? Yes ! They are living proof that genetics plays an important role not only in the structure of our body, but also in how our body. This does not mean that we are very different to those tribes and our ancestors. We are simply not responded to our bodies called genetic resources for food in the same way they do.
Is this your lifestyle? Yes ! They walk, run and swim to get their food or to visit a neighboring tribe , dancing and jumping and running to celebrate special events. Think about it, do not walk to a restaurant for dinner , we are here , and often not even enter the restaurant, simply click on the drive-through . Simple daily tasks keep these tribes performed in an almost constant state of motion , and if you move you burn calories.
Is your diet? Yes ! They do not eat processed sugars , complex carbohydrates , additives, artificial colors , artificial flavors or preservatives countless - with names we can not even pronounce - in their daily diet .
Therefore, if we take a lesson from our ancestors and we combine these three criteria : genetics , lifestyle and diet, then we can be as healthy and fit, our predecessors !
The Paleolithic diet of caveman, also known as the caveman diet man or Paleo diet is simply a model of how our ancestors lived and ate available today. Although our caveman ancestors have followed this diet simply because the simple fact that processed foods and refined , you can still continue today , with great success.
We must consider the fuel of food for our bodies. You would not put dirty fuel in an expensive sports car , as it can clog fuel injectors and reduce the performance of the car , so why do we eat foods that clogs the arteries and prevents the proper functioning of our body?
The Paleo diet , just eat lean meats , poultry , fruits , vegetables ( but not legumes ) , nuts and berries , fish and golf. We have to cut refined flour , sugar and salt. Basically, try to imagine yourself back in the Stone Age , the food will be all that you can hunt or harvest , and that's why the power of the caveman is also called the Paleolithic hunter and gatherer regime.
Do a little research, and of course , talk to your doctor before starting any diet and see if the Caveman Paleolithic Diet is the right choice for you, I 'm sure you will find the amazing benefits !