16 Simple Tips To Still Lose Weight When Eating Out At Restaurants

Wish you could eat out at restaurants... and still lose weight? Try these 16 simple tips below...
1. The biggest killer when getting salads at restaurants is not necessarily what's put in the salad, but the dressing that comes with. So, what I recommend for you to do is to simply request for the dressing to come on the side so that what you can control how much you use.
2. First, of course don't order anything fried, and instead order it grilled. Second, ask to have your grilled food prepared with either non stick spray or olive oil instead of regular oil or butter.
3. Avoid getting cream based sauces with your pasta and instead go with tomato based sauces.

4. Although you may be used to it, I strongly recommend you avoid getting ANY type of soda or fruit juices with your meal (including diet brands). Instead, I recommend that you get water with a lemon. Not only would it obviously be more healthier in comparison to high calorie and unhealthy drinks, it will also help you get more fuller quicker (especially if you sip on the water while you eat your meal), and because you have a lemon with your water, this will actually help your digestive system and you'll increase your metabolism!

5. Get one dessert and split it. Pretty self explanatory with the benefits of this tip.
6. For alcohol, for one take it easy (alcohol has lots of EMPTY calories). Second, if you get beer, order light beer (there are many tasty light beers on the market). Third, I recommend you avoid those high calorie mixed drinks as much as possible (they are not just loaded with calories, they are also loaded with carbs).

7. Baked potatoes are a very popular side dish at restaurants. There is nothing wrong with getting a baked potato (contrary to popular belief). However, it's what most people put on their baked potato that's the problem. What I recommend for you to do is to get salsa for your potato instead of the usual sour cream or butter.

8. Eat half of your meal and take the rest home. If you think you are going to be too hungry to just eat half your meal, then simply follow tip #4 above (sipping water while you eat). Also, another tip to get fuller is to drink a full cup of water prior to eating your meal.

9. You don't HAVE to get a main entrée. To not only save calories, but to also save money, you can simply order an appetizer with a salad for a filling meal!

10. This should be a no-brainer, but I'm going to mention it anyway: Make smart decisions with side-dishes (no french fries for example).

11. Look for grilled, steamed, etc. options for meats and veggies. These foods will be much more healthier since the good nutrients in them will be maintained.

12. Be sure that your meal comes with fruits and/or veggies. And if you are still hungry, and you want to get more food, then I recommend that you get more veggies and healthy meat... not more starchy side-dishes.

13. Request whole wheat side-dishes if available (such as brown rice and whole wheat bread).
14. Opt for a healthier dessert option (such as a fruit salad).

15. Rolls are okay in strict moderation. Also, avoid adding butter or oil to your side bread.

16. DO NOT DEPRIVE! It's okay to have your favorite foods and eat out at your favorite restaurants. Just follow those tips above.

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