5 Secrets For Using Sun Fake Tanner Effectively

By Haywood Hunter

Many people like to tan their skin without risking being in the sun. Commercial products can be purchased to tan your skin that does not need sunlight. Sun fake tanner can be tricky to use, but if you follow the following tips you may have a better experience with this type of product.

Begin with a sun fake tanner color close to your current color. Doing this will result in a gradual darkening after each sun fake tanner application. For people with light skin choosing a light to medium color transition may result in a color that doesn't look like it's achieved by sun fake tanner.

Hair removal should be done before applying any sun fake tanner. If you are planning to wax, it may be a good idea to do so a couple of days before tanning so that all wax residue and effects of waxing have gone. Daily moisturizing and exfoliation in the days before applying sun fake tanner may help to lengthen the time before a repeat application is needed. However, avoid over moisturizing the day of tanning.

Make sure to evenly distribute the sun fake tanner on your skin. Making sure no spots are missed during the application phase will lead to a more natural look. Wash your hand thoroughly after application is completed.

Allow the layer of sun fake tanner to dry fully before putting any material over the application. Some products may dry quicker than others. Refer to the products packaging for an estimate of how long sun fake tanner may take to dry. Complete drying of the sun fake tanner will help insure that it doesn't rub off on any clothing or material which it may come into contact with after application.

In the days following sun fake tanner application avoid exfoliating or indulging in a long bath. By doing so, you will extend the time that your tanning results will last before having to reapply. You may also wish to avoid shaving your legs, if you tanned them using sun fake tanner, for at least two days this may also help lengthen the time between applications. Some people may even choose to wax their legs prior to sun fake tanner application. If you also choose to wax it may be a good idea to do so a few days before using a sun fake tanner. This way any leftover waxy residue won't be on your skin covering any areas that may need to be colored with a tanner product.

Sunless tanning is a way to avoid harmful sunlight exposure. Following the tips above may help to not only lengthen time it takes for your tan to fade, but also help achieve a natural looking coverage of your sun fake tanner. If you are worried about making mistakes, during application which could lead to an unnatural tan look, some tanning business also offer sun fake tanner application by a professional.

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