A Few Suggestions To Apply Designer Skin Products And Tanning Lotions Correctly

By Haywood Hunter

Many people often look for ways to save money when it comes to getting a tan. Now with tanning lotions you are able to achieve this look, without having to spend hours at the beach, or in a salon. These are some tips which can help you when trying to achieve a tan at home.

First and most important thing to do is, shave if you are going to do that. You do not want to do this after you have gotten your tan. Shaving also gives the skin a smooth feeling, which helps when getting a tan. You should shave a few hours before you start applying the tan products, and it is better to use shaving oil as oppose to a shaving cream.

In order to avoid streaks or a bad coverage in tan, you should exfoliate the skin. This will help remove any dead skin cells, which can make the tan have streaks or appear uneven. If you already exfoliate the skin and moisturize, then just continue as you do. If this is not something you do on a regular basis, then make sure you start a few days before you start applying this tan solution.

Vaseline will be needed before you start using the products to get a tan. Apply Vaseline onto your toenails and finger nails in order to avoid getting the product on them. The same should be done on the cuticles, as it can be difficult to remove it later.

Areas that are dry will appear darker once you apply the lotion. Some of these areas could be the elbows, ankles, feet and any joint in the body. To avoid having darker spots in these areas, you could dilute the lotion. This can be done by mixing a few drops of the lotion with a moisturizer, then applying it to these specific areas.

These are tips which can help you when you are trying on tanning lotions. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of products to choose from, and no one product will work the same for every person. Therefore you must experiment before you find the right product to achieve the shade you want.

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