A Very Easy Recipe For Making Cassava Bread

By Bertha Wells

Cassava bread is known to be one of the best desires that one can eat after their meal because of its sweet, delicious taste and its unique texture. So many people love this dish and actually want to learn how to make this simple dessert. So for those who would want to start making it, here is a simple recipe that may help.

Now the baking is fairly simple because all it takes is just mixing all the ingredients together and putting it on the stove for it to cook. The hard part here is the gathering of all of the ingredients because there are actually a lot of it to collect. Once all the materials and ingredients are collected, then making the bread is actually very easy and can be done in a jiffy.

Now the ingredients that one will need are the fresh cassava, two tablespoons of flour, milk, an egg, some oil, some baking soda, and of course lime juice. First, take out the carton of milk and put approximately one third of it inside a small cup. Make sure that all the other ingredients except the flour are one teaspoon so that the taste will be there.

The first thing to do would be to simply put in all the ingredients into a bowl and mix it all together to create the batter. The ingredients should be mixed in the order of the cassava first, then the flour, followed by the sugar, and last would be the baking powder. This is to be followed by the cup of milk, the egg, the oil and the lime juice which should all be stirred together until the batter becomes thick.

When the batter has been thoroughly mixed, get a frying pan and put some oil in it. Heat up the pan and lot the oil mix with the pan but make sure that the oil does not stick to the pan otherwise it will get burned. From there, fill up the pan with some of the batter and let it stay there for a while.

Now in this stage, all one has to do is to wait for the batter to form. Always make sure that the stove is on moderate heat only because high heat will burn it and low heat will not produce anything. After that, the batter should be heated up in the pan for probably five to ten minutes until it is ready.

After a maximum of ten minutes, the bread should already be formed without any uncooked parts. Just make sure that the dessert is cooled down first because if it is too hot, then it is still too soft in the inside. Now from there, it can be served with some grated coconut if one would want an extra kick in the taste.

So basically, this is a simple recipe on how to make cassava bread. As one can see, it is a very simple recipe which anyone can do if they can get all of the ingredients and if they have some time. The taste and texture of this delicious dessert is definitely worth all of the effort.

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