Achieve A Beautiful Tan Using Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

You can look slimmer with a nice tan. There are many benefits to having a suntan, including, hiding skin imperfections, looking younger, and it naturally slims you down. This article will address the benefits of Sunless Tanning Lotion.

Since the 1960s, lotions that can darken your skin have become more and more popular due to the growing concern over possible links to skin cancer and tanning beds. There are a variety of products including creams that you can use to achieve a golden tan without the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin. These tanners will not protect you from the sun, though, so you will still need to apply sunblock every time you go out into the sun.

The active ingredient in sunless tanning lotions is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. This chemical causes a reaction on dead skin cells, making the skin change a few shades darker. Some lotions also combine erythrulose with DHA to get a tan that can even last longer.

Applying the product can be tricky and it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin really well, so that the product will apply evenly. Be careful of thicker skinned areas like the elbows, as the product can sometimes turn darker in these areas. Hold off from swimming or bathing for a few hours until the cream has completely absorbed into your skin.

It's always important to remember that these lotions do not contain any sunblock, and you will have to wear sunblock if you will be exposed to the sun. Without proper sun block, you can still develop a burn, even if your skin appears to have a tropical tan.

A good Sunless Tanning Lotion can provide a nice, deep tan without any sun risk factors. You don't have to worry about wrinkles or sun damage from the product. Imagine having a nice, golden tan, all year round. This type of product is a great way to look tan without having to pay for a membership or spend hours in the sun. Imagine being tan anytime you want. Now you can have that golden glow all year long.

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