Amazing Skin With A Sunlab Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Are you looking for a great self tanner? From a family owned company, a Sunlab tan will be your answer. Established in 1983 Sunlab Tan was the first producer of a sunless tanning option. If you like the look of tan skin Sun lab has everything and anything you may need.

In the eighty's when it was the only one of its kind Sunlab Tan was called Giesee. Now Sunlab Tan products are of superior quality. Widely distributed you will find Sunlab tan online as well as many salons around the globe.

The product line at Sunlab tan has it all. If you what to tan with a sun alternative Sunlab tan is the place for you. They offer spray tan buy the gallon. You can even buy the spay tan gun and a tanning both. Also the Sun lab lotions have a wide selection. Products just for your face are also available. If you still like your sun from the real thing, sunlab tan has a line of tanning lotions and accelerators. Don't forget your exfoliates which costumers love and sun lab recommends.

Sunlab line of self tan products smell great. There is also a variety of scents depending on what product you buy. Also, the lotion spreads easily and offers great coverage. Most sunless tanners leave orange tint and or streaks. Sunlab Tan products do not. Even your hands are safe, you still want to wash them after application. Other products almost always leave a tint on the palm of your hands.

After thirty years the sun is more now hazardous that ever. Sunlab Tan forward thinking has really payed off. You won't find a better sunless tanner than Sunlab Tan. Now, we have to where 80 proof sunscreen to avoid cancers such as melanoma. But, when you want that sun tan glow turning to a self tanning product is the way to go. Looking great and staying healthy is easy with a Sun lab.

Before you use this product clean your skin. You will also want to exfoliate your skin. You can buy an exfoliate from the company or make one at home. Use any oil mixed with sugar or sea salt. Olive oil and sea salt leave your skin looking you fresh and youthful. Make sure to rinse your skin and let it dry.

Apply to your dry skin evenly, which is easy with the dark color of Sunlab Tan. After you have applied the lotion, do not use any other product on your skin. In about three hours you will see the tan appearing. Even the milkiest skin can achieve that rich tan look.

Sunlab tan product line leaves a glow on your body, the natural color most people are looking for. Sunlab Tan will not break out your skin, let's face it no one wants pimple while trying to make their skin look better. Using their tan maintainer will keep tan longer. By using the tan maintainer the you will need to apply the self tanner less, and in the long run save you time and money.

From air brush tan to regular sun tan lotion, Sunlab is a one stop shop for tanning needs. You can even find products for your face called strictly faces. Checking out the product is simple, go to their web site and order a free sample of Sun lab Tan. Offering a risk free way to test their product is a good sign of a quality company.

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