Diverse Alternatives To Achieve A Good Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Many people enjoy looking healthy and fit. This is often obtained by a good tan, which can be reached in a number of ways. This may be at a tanning salon, exposure to the sun, or by using self-help products.

If you are obtaining a tan from exposure to the sun, several things need to be considered. There is danger from the sun's rays if you are exposed too long. The ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage if no protection is used. A bad sunburn, for example, in addition to pain on the skin, can cause headaches or make you seriously ill.

Many do not realize that there are six different skin types, each of which will have different reactions to ultraviolet sun rays. However, regardless of what your skin type is, the sun's powerful rays can penetrate into the skin and damage the skin cells. Cancer can develop at numerous places on the body, regardless of skin type, due to too much exposure.

The various tanning types have been categorized according to the degree of pigmentation involved. This means that the darker the skin the more melanin. These types range from pale white, which will always burn, white which burns easily and tans little, white which easily tans and burns little, and olive or light brown which tans easy and burns little. Also included are brown, which tans dark and seldom burns, and black or dark brown which always tans and seldom burns.

Some people feel that going to a tanning salon to get a 'base tan' prior to taking a vacation will help prevent skin damage as well as encourage a good tan and help prevent sunburn. However, this has proved to be a false assumption. It has been shown that repeated exposure to UV radiation, regardless of the source will increase the risks of premature aging or other skin damage.

There are a number of options available to gain a tan without sun exposure. These include products in the form of tanning salons, oils, lotions, and sprays. There are also sunless tanning pills available, but the medical profession does not recommend these as they can harm the liver and the eye retina.

Sunscreen products are available in two forms, chemical and physical. When the proper ones are chosen, they will help prevent early wrinkling or damage by limiting the sun's exposure. They can be obtained in physical or chemical forms.

All sunscreens and sun blocks are not equal. By careful examination of the product's label, you will be able to see just what it does as well as what ingredients are used. A physical sunscreen scatters, blocks, reflects and absorbs the sun's rays. The chemical one will absorb the rays. A product with high SPFs is desirable and offers the most protection to the skin from the sun.

Whether using a tanning bed, self tanner, spray-tan booth or other method to achieve to the desired look, there is no doubt that a good tan can change your body's overall appearance. It can disguise blemishes, define the muscles and even make you look slimmer. This is especially effective for people who live in climates with little sunlight, or who have to spend a great deal of their time working indoors.

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