Do Not Permit Yourself Commit These Skin Care Blunders

By Elenora Chisholm

Skin care is a big industry and there is just too much information to absorb. How can you be sure what you are hearing is truthful or just advertising hype? Don't forget, also, that tips or procedures that give good results for someone else may not work well for your skin.

While some things, like drinking enough water, eating well, keeping your skin moist, etc. are true for everyone, the same products aren't necessarily good for everyone. Always keep your own skin type in mind before following any advice.

Always remember the problems your skin can have by being out in the sun too long. The risks of overexposure to UV rays have been well documented and you should keep them in mind. Aside from the increased risk of skin cancer, the sun can dry out your skin and cause premature wrinkles and age spots. Any time you plan to be outside in the sunshine, put on a high-quality sunscreen, cover your exposed areas with protective clothing, and wear a hat. Don't try to keep that year-round tan, either, by visiting a tanning salon. Tanning beds are just as harmful to your skin as actual sunshine. Don't forget, however, that you need some sunshine each day because Vitamin D comes from exposure to the sun. Use your head and, when you have to be outside in the sun, take the necessary precautions. Pay attention to the condition of your lips during the winter as they need extra protection. Dry lips can be very sore and they definitely aren't appealing. Try out different brands of lip balms and find one you really like. Then, make it a habit to always carry a tube with you. Vaseline or any kind of exfoliating product can also work well. If you wear lipstick, this can sometimes dry out your lips, so try to find a brand that doesn't have this effect on you. You should remove any lipstick or makeup from your face at night, and after washing your face apply some lip balm.

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One big mistake that you should avoid at all costs is forgetting to wash your face every night. You don't have to turn this into a big production, and you should be gentle and avoid products that contain harsh chemicals. When you use a natural, gentle soap for cleaning your skin, it's very beneficial. It gently dissolves oils, grime and other toxins you've been exposed to during the day. Those of you who wear makeup want to be especially diligent about washing it off at night. When you sleep with your makeup still on, the toxins you were exposed to in the daytime become trapped in your pores and make you appear older than you really are. Wash your face gently each evening, being sure to cleanse away all makeup. The difference in the health of your skin will be amazing.

Sometimes they're broken down into further sub-categories. Regardless, you have to be careful you purchase the correct product for your skin type. You can visit a dermatologist if you're not sure which skin type you have. When you don't know what skin type a particular product is targeting, the only way you will know if it's good for you is how it makes your skin feel. One way to guarantee poor results when taking care of your skin is to use products that aren't specific to your skin type. Usually these mistakes are a result of someone trying too hard to have great skin. Over-zealousness is often the culprit when someone makes any of the skin care mistakes we've talked about here. They try too hard and may wash their face too often, or apply products more than they need to, among other mistakes. always treat your skin with gentle care and you will have beautiful, healthy skin.

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