Getting The Perfect Glow Is Easy With Sun Labs Handy Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Sun Laboratories have created a product that lets you airbrush your body to get that perfect sun kissed tan without any problems. A tan in a can is what people call it. Sun Labs Handy Tan insures you have plenty of time not wasted in a salon, sunbed or under the sun. It is easy to use and is guaranteed to give you the bronze glow in no time at all.

With people lining up to get Sun Labs Handy Tan and everybody raving about it, it is easy to see why this product is a must have. Sun Labs Handy Tan was created for the everyday average Joe that cannot pay that much in salons or afford to spend hours in the sun just to get that bronze tan. Now looking beautiful is easy and affordable.

Sun Labs Handy Tan includes a few benefits, apart from getting your perfect tan, this spray gun uses no electricity and instead works with air canisters. These canisters are eco-friendly and can be disposed of easily; this is also a plus because if the can is faulty it can be replaced. Sun Labs Handy Tan is also movable so it can travel with you where you go, so now you can have your glowing skin wherever and whenever.

Sun Labs Handy Tan will insure your tan stays on for five to seven days after only one application. This is even handier as it makes your work so much less, just spray and see the magic happen. The best thing about these products is that they offer the safety you desire, spending hours in the UV rays of the sun can not only damage your skin but cause severe problems in your health.

Using Sun Labs Handy Tan is very easy and can be done in just minutes, remember to exfoliate, as a prepared skin will function better. Now you can spray the solution evenly to your skin, this spray is very gentle so mistakes can be easily avoided. If you want a darker shade it is not hard to get, all you have to do is apply the product a few more times.

There have however been clients that found Sun Labs Handy Tan problematic. The client's complaints were that for a normal self-tanning product the price is too high and that the average person will not be able to buy it. There were also critiques on the spray guns that were not functioning properly and it caused marks and streaks on the skin in a hideous color.

The company has been working around the clock to rectify these problems. They included a maintainer in the solution so that the color will be perfect. They also made sure that the quality of the Sun Labs Handy Tan spray gun was of a high standard.

The kit is packed with products that will insure that perfect glow. The spray gun with the air canister is accompanied by the tanning solution and an exfoliator gel for the preparation of the skin. Sun Labs Handy tan is your salon in a can, and you can look your very best in just minutes.

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