Should You Desire To Find The Finest Fake Tan Choices Giesee Can Offer The Solution

By Haywood Hunter

Giesee cosmetic tanner, manufactured by Sun Laboratories, is a ground-breaking aerosol spray creating a sun-kissed radiance in any season. It bestows a good-looking tan with none of the threat of cancer connected with the ultra violet radiation from the sun or tanning beds. Giesee is a best-selling commodity in today's burgeoning faux tan market, highlighted regularly on shopping channels like HSN and QVC. For a number of years, this product has been chosen as the supreme everyday sunless tanning product.

Cosmetic tans are particularly good for pale-skinned people who are given to sunburn. Sunbathing hastens the ageing process of the skin and can bring about premature wrinkles and possibly tumors, whereas Sun Giesee spray contains moisturizing components that are harmless and nourishing. This product renews and hydrates the skin while it tans.

This "tan in a can" from Sun Laboratories is a sophisticated, original brand. It is designed without dye to be quickly absorbed and to keep skin healthy. Sun Giesee's patent-pending light formula gives total coverage and instant results. A single application can give skin a quality golden tone with all the allure of a natural looking tan.

Professional airbrushed tans from a salon or spa are expensive. Giesee is a far more affordable alternative. It creates a believable summer glow in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home. Some reviews also maintain that the Giesee authentic-looking bronze glow effect lasts longer than a much more costly salon spray tan.

The Sun Laboratories Corporation has 27 years familiarity with the beauty and skin-care industry. Giesee adheres to stringent US FDA standards. It is available in both subtle color and ultra-dark selections which are just as risk-free and effective. Connoisseurs suggest checking the color somewhere hidden on the body to make sure that it is the desired shade, and free samples are obtainable from Sun Laboratories' website. Consumers counsel applying the product in your shower, as several users have complained that it is rather messy.

Other directions include following the instructions on the packaging faithfully; wear latex gloves; employ long, smooth vertical strokes. There is no cause for alarm if there is a greenish tinge to the spray; your skin will not go green. Using a hairdryer set on cold will cut down drying time. Spraying on Giesee before bedtime is best, as this gives enough time to "bake" on overnight producing a smooth natural color.

Sun Laboratories also produce matching exfoliant body gel, tan maintainers and tan accelerators to provide more color, more quickly. Giesee gives a bronzed rather than orange look, with a faint hint of almond aroma. You might find it even cheaper to purchase Giesee online, where it is available by the gallon, catering to the demands of tanning salons.

Giesee avows that it won't stain bed linen or clothes, even if some consumers disagree. Another relatively common criticism levelled by self tanning novices is that malfunctioning aerosol propulsion causes the canisters to spray in a stutter, or to become blocked altogether. In general though, most individuals who have used this tanner concur that it imparts great color promptly with no obnoxious smells; it merits the epithet as "the dark sunsation".

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