Sun Lotion Methods

By Haywood Hunter

The rays of the sun can cause great damage to your skin with sunburn and also put you at risk of skin cancer. Sun lotion can prevent the ill-effects of ultra violet radiation as long as you apply it properly. Keep in mind the following ways of administering this liquid for maximum effectiveness.

The one thing you should not do is be thrifty with sunscreen. The more of it you use on your skin, the better protected from the sun you are. So do not concern yourself with the idea that you are being wasteful or using too much.

In order to ensure that your body is safely protected, do not skimp on applying the cream to small or hard to reach places. The area between your toes and all around your ears deserve as much care as your back and chest will get. You cannot afford to be careless in protecting your skin, so be as methodical as possible.

For every day that you are staying in a very sunny climate, you should be using sunscreen. This is to ensure that your skin retains moisture and offsets early wrinkles developing. Most importantly, the threat of skin cancer also developing will abate as a result.

For the same reason, it will be necessary to reapply the sunscreen to your body not long after you initially applied it. Due to sweat, or exposure to water, or any other reason, the initial coat of sunscreen will lost its effectiveness as the day goes on. This is why another coat of sunscreen is needed.

In using sun lotion with the above points in mind, you will fend off the risk of skin cancer much more effectively. Always make sure that you read the instructions on the bottle before applying the cream to your skin. But if you do follow the points outlined, you cannot really go wrong.

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