The Basic Elements Of Suntan Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Suntan lotion products can refer to sunscreen or indoor tanning lotion. Though these two products are used for alternative purposes. Sunscreen, also known as sunblock, is used to protect skin from UV radiation. On the other hand, tanning creams are used to aid in the process of tanning.

The L-Tyrosine, as well as melanin, are common ingredients found in indoor tanning products. Copper, numerous oils, tea extract may also be added. Some products include ingredients that are skin moisturizers or bronzers. As suggested by their name, these lotions are not to be used outdoors because they do not block skin from sun exposure.

These products work in one of two ways: increasing amount of blood circulation to skin or adding to the production of melanin. Both increase the melanin in the top layers of the skin. Lotions should be used with a tanning booth or bed, which give off ultraviolet rays, but not outdoors.

Individuals who seek protection from the UV light of the sun may use a product called sunblock. As its name suggest, sunblock or sunscreen is designed to reflect or absorb rays from the sun. It may come in a variety of topical forms, including spray, gel and cream. Sunscreen is also used to prevent sunburn as a result of sun exposure.

Most sunscreens contain organic chemical compounds, or organic or inorganic particulates. Physical and chemical are the two main classifications for this product. Physical formulas are created to reflect the sunlight, while chemical formulas absorb the rays. Sunscreen use is recommended for people with all types of skin because it is believed to prevent harmful effects of increased sun exposure, such as cancer or even sunburn.

Indoor tanning lotions and sunscreen may fall under the category suntan lotion. Both, though used differently, are topical products used on skin. Sunscreen blocks the skin from radiation. Indoor tanning lotions improve tanning methods, they may also bronze and moisturize.

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