Therapeutic Massage And The Compatible Therapist

By Julie Polson

Therapeutic massage is a must should you feel that you are feeling stressed. The right therapist for your needs is essential in gaining maximum benefit from each and every treatment. Developing a feeling of understanding between you and your therapist is essential as this provides you with a platform to give your body that much needed rest on a weekly basis.

The human being is essentially made up of body, mind and that indistinguishable part of ourselves that makes up our spirituality. By regarding each of these areas of our lives and nurturing them accordingly, our lives are enhanced and the enjoyment of it can be a whole lot more rewarding. Should one of these areas of our beings go out of sync, this in effect throws us into emotional areas we cannot quite explain and come to terms with.

A major cause of this are our day to day stress levels. Stress is recognized by the medical profession to be the number one cause of illness and death in society. By maintaining manageable stress levels our bodies are able to cope with a lot more than if the opposite is applicable. Stress related conditions can be any illness from cardiovascular problems to tension headaches.

When our stress levels are high our bodies our more susceptible to illnesses and ailments. A stressed body means that we are holding excess tension that we cannot rid ourselves of. This can be physically measured although we are not aware of it all the time.

The reason for this is that we lose the ability to feel where our bodies are at so to speak when they become overly stressed. This usually feels as though we have gone numb and lose that inner feeling of peace and relaxation which lets us know, all is okay. Other times we may feel a persistent pain that does not go away but more often than not we justify it as something superficial and not a threat to our health.

Emotional tension is another area that raises our physical stress levels. Past thoughts about relationships we may have had that ended badly and were left unresolved is another factor that raises our sense of anxiety. By establishing a trustful connection with a therapist enables us to open up lines of communication where we feel comfortable in conveying our worries, this relieves blocked and compounded tension we may have been living with for years.

The brain is a muscle in all sense of the word and like any muscle can be worked so hard until it needs to relax and unwind. By unlocking problems of the past it frees up space in our brains and leaves us feeling relieved and rejuvenated at the same time.

Therapeutic massage is about relieving you of the stresses you carry around with you. People who include this form of treatment as a daily or weekly regimen swear by it and the benefits it has provided them in their own lives. It is an advisable form of treatment to explore and to investigate should you find that your stress levels have become unmanageable.

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