Top Dental Problems That Dentists Can Help In

By Cherry Mercer

Majority of the people have a general idea on what a Portland OR dentist can do. Most of them should get to make the most out of it. A good hygiene is an important factor which is said to prevent most of the diseases in the mouth. Prevention is still the best cure for every dental problem.

Tooth decay is the when bacteria forms from the sugars that are left in the cavity area. It can also be a sticky film that can be made by some people in the area. In America, the incidence of the children having this tooth condition has been declining. This is due to the adding of fluoride in water levels. However, dentists still recommend to brush the teeth on a daily basis.

Gum disease are believed to be caused by three factors, the bad oral hygiene, smoking and genetic susceptibility. Many of these gum diseases would not let the sufferers show some symptoms until they reach their thirties and forties. A severe form of the said disease is said to be the Periodontitis. It can lead to an increased risk for heart attack.

Mouth sores are also common and it is said to be divided into two parts, canker sores and herpes. Canker sores are not caused by a virus and may have been a result of stress, heat or hereditary predilection. This typically last around twelve days. However, many of the chronic sufferers usually have these treated using a laser.

Sensitivity of the tooth may step from the potential problems that may cause the condition. First is the erosion of the gums which serves to protect the sensitive areas of the teeth. The second one is the brushing of the gum lines which will brush away the gums in the area. It is best to use a gum friendly brush when cleaning the teeth.

Dry mouth is said to be the number one cause of bad breath. It usually decreases the flow of saliva in the mouth which would make it extremely uncomfortable. Saliva is an important component to oral health because it helps wash away the bacteria. Sugarless gum on the side makes it a good preventive measure for dry mouth.

Another condition that is usually treated by the professional on a daily basis is the Temporomandibular Joint disorder. This is actually a group of conditions that affect the joint area. This allows the sufferers to clench and grind their teeth subconsciously at night. Treatment include relaxation exercises and cold compress.

Wisdom teeth will need to be removed so that the Jaw will have enough space for the teeth to come out nicely. This should mean that these can only erupt partially for the people. This can be quite problematic because it may lead to infection.

It is unfortunate that only thirty percent of Americans prioritize their oral health. Visiting the Portland OR dentist should be done at least once a year. This would allow the expert to check the condition of the teeth.

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