A Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Is A One With No Adverse Chemicals

By Haywood Hunter

The best indoor tanning lotion for a particular skin is often difficult to ascertain as every person's skin is made up of unique natural elements. For some people the sun and bronzing creams are their friends and work well for them. Others however are not that lucky as their pale skins react badly to exposure to sun rays and many of the creams that tan skin.

Due to a high demand around the world for quick tan solutions most products on sale are nowadays subjected to rigorous testing. Health agencies, cosmetic companies and magazines also regularly do their own tests to determine the value and success of different products on offer.

It is important that people do their own research before buying any of these lotions. They should also read the list of ingredients on containers. There are a number of chemicals that are harmful to certain skin types and knowing what works for one is important.

Being able to show off a tan all year round regardless of the weather may go a long way to giving a person a spring in their step. Some bronzing creams are said to deepen skin tone by at least 22 shades. It is always a good policy to buy a tanner that contains moisturizing and sun-block protection agents.

Professional salons grade skin from light to dark in a 1 to 6 grading. The people with very light complexions do not get much in the way of a tan even with high level lotions or hours in the sun. People in 5 to 6 grading will find that a bronzing cream give them beautiful tans almost instantly.

To find the best indoor tanning lotion for a person's individual needs may take a little research and consultation with an expert. It is however advisable to always purchase the best quality one can afford to avoid disappoint and any skin irritations.

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