A Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Is A One With No Harmful Additives

By Haywood Hunter

No two people have exactly the same skin composition. Some people can use any product without experiencing any problems whereas others find most creams irritate their skin. Some tan almost instantly and others just look like a boiled lobster and end up with no change in skin color. Finding the best indoor tanning lotion sometimes happens through trial and error.

Fortunately because of the huge global demand and numerous skin cancer scares government departments, fashion and health magazines and pharmaceutical research laboratories are all continually testing new products. This continued evaluation rates effectiveness and chemical reaction on human skin. It ensures that products reaching retail shelves carry various levels of approval.

Individuals also need to be proactive and check out creams on offer before making a purchase. It is always advisable to study labels and to avoid products containing harmful chemicals and skin irritants.

It has become fashionable to have an all year tan. Having a glowing tan skin in the cold winter months can be a morale booster. There are bronzers on the market that profess to darken skin up to 22 times deeper than its natural color. In most cases these tanning creams moisturize skin and have a level of protection to block out harmful UV rays.

In many instances skin types are graded from 1 to 6 with six being the darkest. Type one may find that an indoor lotion gives them very little results, but then this group very rarely tans even outdoors. With darker skin types that are less sensitive bronzing intensifies and deeper tans are acquired in a short period.

There are many well rated quality creams available making it easy to find what the best indoor tanning lotion is for one's own use. Well moisturized skin will take darkening creams smoothly and evenly. It is advisable to buy the best the budget can allow. People may want to look for a product that contains no suspect ingredients and has been approved by independent testing.

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