A Peek At Some Of The Sun Tan Products Available

By Susan Jumonville

Since 1983, Sun Laboratories has been dishing out numerous safe tanning solutions. It's due to the company's longevity why many women go for its many offerings. Below you can find some popular Sun tan products you may purchase today.

Perhaps the self-tanning lotion is the most sought after of all Sun tan products available. Thanks to the rich consistency, application is so easy. The instant darkening of the skin serves as a guide to help you come up with an even color. Help may be needed for body parts that you cannot reach. Because the effects can last for up to 10 days, you can show off a glorious complexion for a long time. Choose from the different shades that range from medium, dark to very dark.

You can find Sun tan products that come in foam types. The velvety texture is favored by some women over the lotion varieties. Consistency aside, the result provided basically lasts just as long as when the lotion is used. Coming in 4-ounce containers, they may be taken with you no matter where you go, ensuring that a gorgeous tan is obtainable in a snap.

Sun tan products that come in spray types are preferred by others. Because there is no need to apply the solution by rubbing, the odds of ending up with discolored palms is practically non-existent. This offering from the company allows you to enjoy pretty much the same result that you can get from using a spray booth that your local salon has. However, Sun tan products that are sprayed at home are affordable to many. Also, women are thankful for the convenience provided.

There are Sun tan products for refilling personal spray systems. They are being sold by the gallon, making sure that you have plenty of the solution to keep your complexion always looking great. Getting started is as simple as pouring the contents into your air brush. Many tanning salons commonly go for these refill solutions.

Some Sun tan products are especially formulated for the face. To ensure that a complexion consistent throughout is obtained, these items are sold in medium and dark shades. The great thing about Sun tan products for facial use is they contain moisturizers to keep skin cells hydrated. Also, the visibility of fine lines is reduced due to the anti-aging ingredients.

Maintainer Sun tan products are formulated to provide moisture without the greasy or sticky feeling. If the skin is dry and rough to the touch, a glorious tan means nothing. Skin can stay smooth and supple through regular moisturizing.

Sun tan products are being offered in order to spare women from the need to sunbathe. Needless to say, going for these solutions protects the skin from the dangers of too much exposure to UV rays. There are a variety of Sun tan products containing sunscreens out there, from as strong as SPF 15 to as weak as SPF 2. Whenever you need to step foot outside, application has to be done. The skin cells are also kept hydrated, thanks to the added moisturizing ingredients.

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