Applying Giesee Self Tanner Before Exchanging Vows To Look Stunning

By Haywood Hunter

Brides surely want to look stunning when they say "I do" to their grooms. On the day you are getting married, a sun-kissed glow will make you look fabulous in your dress. If you don't like to sacrifice your health for beauty and you wish to stick to your allotted budget, using Giesee self tanner products allows for a bronzed complexion so you may dazzle everyone.

Because family and friends will be around to witness the ceremony, you want to be sure that you look your best. You also want you groom to be very proud on that very special day in your lives as a couple. Sunbathing can give that kind of complexion that makes you glow. However, especially when done excessively, this can cause the skin to end up very dry.

No matter how fabulous the ceremony or your dress is, it accounts to nothing if everyone present can tell that you badly need a moisturizer. Aside from making the skin dry, sunbathing also endangers your health. Medical experts categorize UV rays emitted by the sun as class one carcinogens. Certainly, physical beauty means nothing if you are battling skin cancer.

Giesee self tanner solutions are readily available products that are applied topically. Just like what they're called suggests, they can darken the skin color without the need to expose yourself to the sun. In as little as 3 to 5 hours, you will already begin to note a change. That's how quickly the main ingredient, DHA, can make the skin's topmost layer turn brown.

It was back in the 70s that the FDA has approved DHA for use on human skin. Knowing that it's actually obtained from plant sources, you can have peace of mind that using a product containing it is harmless. DHA can produce the darkest color possible after 24-72 hours. This will depend on the type of formulation you go for, such as dark, very dark and medium.

Opting for this way to attain an enviable complexion is friendlier to the pocket compared to stepping foot in a professional tanning salon. Many brides want a truly magical wedding ceremony, but not all of them have the budget. Thanks to these at-home tanning solutions, a woman can look marvelous while exchanging vows, without causing her to spend a lot.

If it's your first time to go for self-tanning, practicing the application several weeks before you walk down the aisle is definitely a must. Using it improperly may lead to streaking, and this could wreak havoc to your wedding. Go online and look for reviews, in particular those objective ones coming from people who have really used these items. Find out the pros and cons of using sprays, rollers, lotions, foams and matching items like exfoliating gels to achieve excellent results.

Using Giesee self tanner solutions helps make you look fabulous on your wedding day. Attaining a bronzed complexion that can impress the guests and most especially your groom doesn't have to mean endangering your health and appearance. Going for these products is also recommendable for brides who need to stick to a certain budget.

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