Basic Details Concerning Sun Labs Tan

By Haywood Hunter

There are many different Sun Labs tan goods manufactured and distributed to consumers. This company was developed in 1983 for the purpose of producing items that were safer than tanning booths and sun bathing. Sun Labs tan goods are sunless and can be bought through the official business website or at some stores located around the globe.

Tanning booths and sun bathing are older techniques that were used and frowned upon for the risks the posed to skin health. In fact, these activities have been linked to skin cancer and other serious conditions. Many people have decided to use sunless or self-tanning techniques, such as Sun Labs tan products. The company has many different items that can be used for tanning and even skin protection. Prices are known to vary depending on the quantity, size and retailer of the Sun Labs goods.

People who want to purchase Sun Labs tan items should do their research on the formulas and goods available. It is suggested that they look over user reviews to find out what works best for their particular needs. The formulas are supposed to offer a tan that is temporary and does not come with high risk to health.

Sun Laboratories is based out of California, where it has its main facilities that handle production and shipments. Since its 1983 inception, the company has expanded its product list to include many Sun Labs tan devices and formulas. It is important to recognize that the results will vary by person. To ensure the best look, be sure to use the items according to the instructions given with them.

Sunless tanning utilizes various chemicals, natural and otherwise, to temporarily alter the color of skin. Sun Labs tan formulas are available in sprays, creams, mousses, lotions, powders, gels and many other forms. People should test a section of their skin to ensure that they do not have an allergy to any active ingredients used in the product.

Gisela Hunter is the woman credited with founding the Sun Labs company. She had the idea for an alternative solution for tanning that did not involve harmful tanning beds or sun bathing. This manufacturer has Sun Labs tan products available in different packages and sizes for business and individual sales. There is also a line of products to be used for sun protection.

The business offers Sun Labs tan samples for free or inexpensive prices so that consumers can try out the range of products they have to offer. There are formulas designed strictly for use on the face and ones that can be used over the entire body. A variety of shades are available and people can also regulate the tan color by choosing how much product to use. Salon or beauty shop owners who want to carry these Sun Labs tan items in their business can inquire by phone or online.

Sun Labs tan products can be purchased all around the world, in stores and online. These goods are distributed, as well as manufactured, by Sun Laboratories. The family-owned business has been around since the 1980s. It is focused on providing consumers with a safer way to tan through its many Sun Labs tan goods.

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