Customers Could Trust In The Most Respected And Number 1 Rated Self Tanning Product

By Haywood Hunter

Most consumers nowadays rely on specific ratings in order to assess the overall quality of a product. These ratings will be based on various methods of testing in order to determine the effectiveness of any type of product. This method is similarly used to determine the 1 rated self tanning product available on the market today.

When attempting to establish which 1 rated self tanning product is the top self tanner available, the best method is to ask a group of consumers to test various brands. So it could be safe to assume that ratings will be based mainly on personal opinions and experiences. What usually happens is that inevitably 1 rated self tanning product will end up standing head and shoulders above its competitors.

Determining which is the top 1 rated self tanning product is quite problematic as there are several different methods of application and there is no shortage of brands either. So if one is to decide on the top contender then the testers would need to choose lotions, gels, foams and spray tans from several different companies. Normally these studies are done on a yearly basis as most of these companies release more advanced products regularly and the number 1 rated self tanning product may change.

A very famous magazine took several of these brands and had them tested; this resulted in one specific brand being chosen as the number 1 rated self tanning product. The feature that made the product stand out was that it has two separate functions combined into one clever package. One half of the competition for the top 1 rated self tanning product contains the moisturizing lotion, while the other has a self tanning lotion in it.

Other top ten listed products according to these consumers varied in the chosen attributes. Some impressed due to their easily understood instructions and perfect results, making them candidates for being the number 1 rated self tanning product. The other products, were selected, because of their cleverly thought out methods of application that offered hassle free tans, in relatively short periods.

Some characteristics were present in all of these top contenders for the number 1 rated self tanning product; that clients specifically looked for in these types of self tanners. Most agreed that they wanted a quick drying, stain resistant tanner. While other clients wanted completely natural ingredients in their self tan lotion, gel or spray; similarly all looked for one that will also give them long lasting results.

One characteristic a lot of people do comment on is the distinctive odor that the number 1 rated self tanning product would have; some are worse than others, though. But this is normal as all self tanners contain an active ingredient called DHA. When DHA comes into contact with the skin it reacts; when too much is applied it often causes that dreaded orange color.

Regardless, of the products selected by these consumers, they were all in agreement when it came to voting which brand had to be marked as the number 1 Rated Self Tanning Product. Regular self tanner users, advise people that applying any product correctly is vitally important. Although there are a few key pointers to remember, it is perfect for those wanting a perfectly bronzed skin.

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