Dermal Filler Training

By Arron Vepel

We appreciate your interest in the Dermal Filler Training Program. The following document will provide you with outline of the topics covered in our program and your specific expectations to get out of this training.

What are Dermal Fillers? With us you will be able to familiarise yourself with dermal fillers and their use. Shortly after, you will know the elastin deficiencies and the collagen in your skin. Dermal fillers are in great use of rejuvenate skin. And if you still don't know anything about permanent and non-permanent fillers - here you'll learn everything!

The agenda covers how accurately these various kinds of these dermal fillers work. By reorganizing the hyaluronic acids and elastin, and epidermal collagen elements, dermal fillers can help revitalize the normal resilience of the skin. You'll also see how applying the specific techniques can lead to predictable and positive outcomes.

If you want to practice dermal filling procedures, this specific course will give you the right direction by teaching you the types of dermal fillers most commonly used. Still, we can only recommend you use FDA approved treatments for your own good. Here you'll realise the uses of hyaluronic acid fillers and why they are the best amongst all the others. And at the end, you'll learn about other used like stimulators, collagen and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers.

Common applications of dermal fillers include lip enhancement, facial creases and wrinkle removal, cheek augmentation and overall skin rejuvenation. These will be discussed in detail in the course, along with individual applications of different techniques in each of these indications.

There is no point being aware of the theory and not knowing how to practice it! In the course, you will get access to training on how to perform dermal filling procedures the right way, and will have the opportunity for 'hands-on' training. You will be made familiar with the equipment that is used and how it can be used safely in order to offer the patient the best care and best result.

Of course we know that every procedure, no matter how safe it is, still has some side effects. So here - in the case of dermal fillers, that depends on the type of the filler you use and the procedure you perform. So you need to be very careful and accurate here. In this class, you will see all the possible complications and you will learn how to control the pain and almost all the local reactions to agents. Since many people have different allergic reactions you'll be aware of the ways to manage that after the course.

If you attempt to add medical aesthetics to your practice without obtaining the proper training, certification, and expertise, you are setting yourself up in the categories as nurse and dentist who are simply looking to add these products as profit centers. By getting the proper training that sets you apart, you will clearly differentiate yourself in this highly competitive but profitable field.

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