Discover Hints On How To Look Your Best With An Airbrush Suntan

By Haywood S Hunter

A great way to help you look at your best and feel fabulous is by getting an airbrush suntan. Having a healthy color to your skin can be achieved without the risks that are posed when using the natural sun or tanning beds. Both of these carry the threat of increasing the chances of being diagnosed with skin cancers. And the sun will cause permanent premature aging which is avoidable if you use and safer method of sun worship.

You can visit local salons in your area or tanning centers, or book an appointment with a mobile beauty therapist who can carry out the procedure in your own home.

You can have a fantastic looking tan within ten minutes which looks far more natural than self-tanning products which tend to streak. All you will need to do is wear a shower cap to protect your hair, and self-adhesive foot covers which will prevent a buildup of tan on the soles of your feet..

The tanning product will be applied through a spray gun which disperses it over your skin in a fine mist. To help make sure that the tan is even in all areas your therapist will apply a good cover of moisturizer onto your elbows, knees and hands which are often the driest part of the skin.

To help prevent inhalation of the product the air is pushed downwards, the heat from the airflow encourages the skin to dry and absorb the entire product quickly. This means that you can be in and out quickly, making it an ideal lunchtime activity. Once you are finished you can dress and be back in the office looking fabulous as your tan develops.

After care involves showering and it is recommended that you add a moisturizing lotion into your daily routine. This helps to keep your skin looking at its best and staying hydrated and the tan will fade naturally.

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