Don't Let Summer Damage your Skin

By Feather Vanderwin

A lot of us really enjoy being outdoors in the summer days, enjoying he hot summer weather and sunshine with family and acquaintances. The sun can damage the skin significantly over time with ultraviolet rays, so it is recommended that people protect their skin from this. For those who like to tan their skin to achieve a desired look, this should be done carefully, using some protection to increase safety. Here, we will examine some of the proven easy techniques that someone can employ to have a good time in the summer without worrying about damaged skin.

The importance of hydration

The elasticity and skin tone is directly affected by the amount of hydration in the skin. Summer heat can dehydrate the body and the skin making it dry and prone to cracking. One obvious way to improve skin health is to drink plenty of water. People who drink fruit juice in moderation receive significant positive results. Carbonated beverages like soft drinks should be minimized in the diet, as they can cause problems when abused.

Skin should be moisturized often

Using a good quality moisturizer can help keep skin soft and supple in summer months. In order for it to have the greatest effect, it should be applied right after a shower.

Use good quality sunscreen

People can buy sunscreen almost anywhere, including grocery stores, drug stores, even many gas stations. It is essential that the sunscreens contain agents that will protect the skin against ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB). Sunscreen protection factor, or SPF, is the grading system that sunscreens are labeled with. It is worthwhile remembering that a high SPF does not necessarily mean the protection is greater. Damage from the sun's harmful UV rays seem to be lessened greatly by a sunscreen that is 15 or more. Most of the time, sunscreens are come in the form on sprays or lotions, but there are powders also.

Specific components are included in sunscreens that are highly effective at skin protection in summer time. Octyl Salicylate and Cinoxate are examples of ingredients that the American Academy of Dermatology lists as approved for sunscreen.

Improving skin tons with exfoliation

Exfoliation of the skin helps remove dead cells and expose new, growing cells. It helps maintain skin health and allows for what is described as a 'glowing' look. Skin can be kept cooler by using a skin toner, which will reduce the heat damage that the exposure to the sun can bring.

Eat healthy and Exercise

Antioxidants that someone gets from their diet can be helpful to reduce the toxins within the skin. The best nutrients that people can get for skin health come from plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit, and making leaner choices when selecting meat. For optimal skin health, high-fat foods should be avoided, and alcohol is also not recommended to be abused. Exercise helps increase blood flow which helps keep skin in the best shape.


These are just a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your skin remains healthy during the summer months. Follow these and you can enjoy your summer months with your friends and family without worrying about your skin health.

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