Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Sun Tan Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

As is the rule before carrying out any skin treatment, you must ensure that you have visited your dermatologist. There are quite a number of people that are tempted to use a product. They end up harming their skin since the sun tan lotion they used was dangerous for their skin.

You have to know exactly what it is that your skin is best suited to. There are all manner of lotions in the market, designed for every skin type. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, you should look for sun tan lotion that is formulated for such a skin type since the others may contain a lot of allergens that may trigger a nasty reaction.

Exfoliate your skin thoroughly in preparation for the tanning. Do not exfoliate too close to the period you will be using the sun tan lotion since you will end up having very sensitive skin that may be negatively affected by the lotion. Give it a period of six hours for the skin to heal properly.

One cannot overemphasize the importance of having a moisturized skin. The sun tan lotion that you use should have a lot of moisture. The essence of having this moisture is that it will make sure your skin is glowing. You can add more moisture by drinking lots of water.

Deodorant and makeup should not be worn as you are getting your tan. They will act as a shield to the absorption of the sun tan lotion and you will thus end up with patches on your skin. Run a wet sponge with some cleanser all over your face and armpits prior to using the tanning lotion.

Instead of using their hands, have the person applying the lotion on you use a light fluffy sponge since it will act as a control of how much sun tan lotion they use. You will thus be safe from the instance where the tan is too dark for you. During the tanning procedure, endure that you have exposed your skin as much as possible in order to get maximum coverage.

Once you have used the sun tan lotion, ensure that it has completely dried off before doing any activity that may cause you to sweat. If you have a fan, you can sit in front of it. It works two ways in that it will protect you from sweating while at the same time accelerating the drying process. If you are in such a hurry and cannot get the sun tan lotion to dry off, a clever trick is to use some hairspray. The spray will give a protective layer while still giving a dry effect.

Avoid showering immediately you have used the sun tan lotion. Most lotions are water based, in that the main component is water. They will thus dissolve in the bath water, and instead of ending up with the dark shade that you want it will turn out to be shades lighter. This might force you to do the tanning procedure all over again. For the oil based tanning lotions, the warm water in the shower might cause the lotion to wash off. Take your time and choose the right sun tan lotion.

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