Find Out Guide To Benefits Of Best Fake Bake Tan Procedure

By Haywood Hunter

The best fake bake tan products come as lotions and creams that contain dihydroxyacetone as the main element. Several companies provide products that comprise other skin care ingredients for further enhancing the skins appearance. You can choose from a wide variety of these products to acquire the perfect color.

The primary ingredient combines with the proteins present in your skins outermost layer, which results in the oxidation process. You will achieve a darker tan by choosing a product containing a higher concentration of dihydroxyacetone. The component varies from three to ten percent; however, as the natural exfoliation of the skin occurs, you will lose the effect of the tanning products.

One primary benefit of this artificial tanning method is to hide skin problems like pigmentation and busted vessels. If you have any of these problems, you could further aggravate the condition by exposing your skin to the sun to acquire the tan. In addition, the UV rays emitted by the sun are known to be harmful to the skin causing severe damage.

You should thoroughly scrub your skin to remove any unevenness present on the skin. Moreover, you must shave any hair that may have grown on the skin one day before you apply this product. In addition, you must not moisturize your skin before applying this lotion because it causes an unevenness appearance to your tanned skin.

Applying the lotion or cream immediately after you shower is important to ensure an even tanning of the skin. You must use outward strokes that begin at the center to apply the product. In case you apply too much of the product, you can rub it off by using wet hands to wipe off the extra amount. You must avoid using these products on your face because the various muscles that twist on the face do not provide an even skin color.

Using the best fake bake tan products is a superior method to procure the skin color desired by numerous people. However, you must research all the options before making your choice. This ensures you do not cause any damage to your skin.

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