How Does Spirulina Work To Improve Physical Health?

By Anna Burns

Spirulina is the name of blue-green alga which is found around or inside water. It was used by human beings for centuries because of the numerous health advantages. Presently, it is gathered from lakes and used to produce nutritional supplements used in the therapy of various medical conditions. This is simply because it is made up of lots of nutrients in their natural and organic state.

Spirulina algae are the richest acknowledged source of beta carotene. It has around Ten times the sum of beta carotene contained in carrots. Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant which helps to avoid the start of cancer as well as other illnesses. The body at the same time converts beta carotene into vitamin A. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that helps with healthy development of eyes.

Spirulina improves the immune system by regenerating of more blood cells. This adds to the body's ability to fight against infections and illnesses. Most people who take spirulina dietary supplements rarely have problems with cold or flu. Dietary content of spirulina such as selenium, zinc, chromium, copper and manganese help in fighting cell damaging agents that will be ingested by the body.

Spirulina possesses many beneficial nutrients that develop a strong performing human body. Its content has magnesium, iron and trace minerals that may very easily be absorbed into the system. Additionally, it consists of a large amount of vitamin b-12 that is great for the growth of healthy tissues and nerves.

One other spirulina benefit is the remedy for allergic rhinitis which is a nasal allergy. Scientific study done on nasal allergy sufferers suggests that there is lessening of nasal discharge, sneezing, itching and congestion in people who taken spirulina daily.

There is enough scientific data to prove that spirulina helps to make the digestion process stronger. Further, it eases the motion of waste out of the body system. It supports the existence of essential bacteria in the digestive tract. These bacteria help in increasing the body's ability to absorb nutrients.

Close to 60% of spirulina alga is vegetable protein. For that reason, spirulina is a fantastic way to obtain proteins for vegetarians. Spirulina protein is easily broken down in the system compared to many other protein sources like meat. It is a wonderful source of protein for old people or young children..

Research done on diabetic patients confirms that spirulina lessens the volume of blood fat. It also causes significant drop in blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation.

Development of healthier children is another benefit of spirulina. It has gamma-linolenic acid which can be found in breast milk, enhances the amount of food absorption. For this reason, undernourished children can be given spirulina to enhance the absorption level.

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