Learning More About Effective Head Lice Removal

By Alison Wilcox

Nothing can be more irritating and embarrassing then learning you have head lice. You should know that many people deal with this issue. These bugs are spread by person to person contact, mostly occurring in places like schools and nursing homes. Effective lice removal is important to avoid going though an infestation.

Several kinds of shampoos are at your drug store or local department store pharmacy that will will effectively kill lice. Making sure you choose a product that works is necessary to be free of these bugs. Read the reviews posted on online about the products you are thinking about using. By doing so, you can find out which ones work and which ones do not work.

Setting aside the time necessary to perform the treatment is a good idea. Most shampoos ask that you leave it on for at least an hour. You will also need to cover your head with a plastic shower cap during this time for increasing the suffocation of the adult bugs. Be sure to read the manufacturer instructions closely about how long you should leave a particular brand on your hair.

The most important step of lice treatment is making sure to remove the eggs left behind by shampoos. The eggs, also referred to as nits, are glued to hair strands. Adults create this glue to ensure the survival of their species. Nits are also harder to kill with shampoos used for treatments as well. Combing out the nits is the only way to get them out of your hair.

Making sure all nits are combed out is important to prevent them from hatching and starting your troubles all over again. Some people claim to have the best results by using a metal nit comb. Comb teeth need to be close together in order to scrape eggs off hair strands. Adult bugs attach their eggs to hair using a glue substance that is strong and resistant to treatment shampoos.

Lice eggs are harder to remove due to the glue adults make to stick them to hair. Eggs are small and attached in such a strong way as to ensure their survival. Metal egg removal combs have teeth close enough together to scrape the strands of hair, thus also scraping off attached nits. Be sure to have a bright light available while combing out the nits for making sure you can see well.

Some kits you choose for head treatment also include a spray for treating fabrics like your furniture or carpets. Taking care to treat these areas in your while you are treating your hair is essential to get rid of these bugs. Not treating your home will mean you getting these bugs back in your hair from bedding or couches.

Making sure you choose effective lice removal treatments is important to destroy adult bugs and their eggs. Check your local drug stores and pharmacies for shampoos that help to repel these bugs also. Most repelling shampoos are formulate using natural ingredients, so it is safe to use on children daily. Learning more about to stay free of this pest is necessary to avoid getting them again.

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