Pilates For Abs

By Angela Winter

Most people don't like to use heavy equipment in exercising. That is one of the reasons of the growing popularity of Pilates worldwide. Not only is Pilates easy to do, it also offers exercises that relaxes both the mind and body from stressors. There are two options on where people can do their Pilates exercise, either in the comforts of their own home or going to the gym. But whether where you want to do your exercise, what's significant is that you will be comfortable and will be able to do the exercise appropriately.

The main target of Pilates exercises is core strength, which means those muscles that make up the core of the body is strengthened. So what are those muscles that make up the core of our body? These are the abdominal muscles, the muscles covering the ribs or oblique muscles, and the muscles of the buttocks or gluteus muscles. Since Pilates' main focus is core strength, it means that once a person is doing Pilates exercises, the muscles that make up the core of the body will be the first to improve. These benefits include developing 6-pack abs meaning attaining a sexier and attractive body, improving your speed, agility and power that means you will be stronger and avoiding back pain.

We need to focus on how Pilates can help you achieve your most desired six-pack abs with the help of Pilates exercises, since this is one of the many reasons that a person wants to do Pilates exercise. Here are some exercises that may be helpful in achieving the six-pack abs that you have long desired:

1. The 100s position- to do this kind of Pilates exercise, a person needs to lie down, flat on the back, legs should be straight and put together. The next thing to do is to lift the head and shoulders off the ground, pulling the abs. Then, lowering the legs to the ground and making sure that your back is still flat on the ground, make sure to lower the legs as low as possible.. After doing all of that, breathe in and breathe out for 5 seconds and repeat this process one hundred times.

2. One of the many types of Pilates exercise that targets the abs mainly is Planking. This type of Pilates exercise can be done by assuming the push up position. Next is to make sure that your elbows completely supports the weight of your body. Then, contract the abs ans hold this position for a minute. Lastly, repeat the steps as many times as you want.

3. The next type of Pilates exercise not only works to strengthen and improve the abdominal muscles, it also will aid to lengthen and stretch the spine and it is known as the Head nod. Similar to the 100s position type of Pilates exercise, this type of Pilates exercise should be done lying down flat on the back using a mat. First step is to inhale at the same time pulling the spine long and tilting the chin while ensuring that your back stays flat on the mat. Next is to exhale that lasts at the count of five while returning to the start-up position. Keep repeating this process as many times as you can possibly do.

It is important to keep in mind that trying to achieve the body that you want will take some time and could not be achieved within a very short period of time. Aside from that, to achieve the body that you desire, you must sacrifice and commit to perform properly whatever exercise regimen that you are planning to do.

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