Protect Your Health And Enhance Your Appearance By Using Sun Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Using sun tan lotion is a well-known way to hasten tanning when you are striving for a bronzed look. However, daily sun tan lotion applications are beneficial not only to one's appearance, but also to health. They can help prevent cancer while safeguarding the condition of your skin.

Many forms of skin cancer are caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which is found in rays of sunlight. This means there is a link between cancer and being exposed to sun. It is important to choose a sun tan lotion that contains ingredients that will block these rays so they cannot affect your skin.

The level of sun protection you need depends on the color of your skin. Many different levels of sun protection factor are available and they are displayed on the product packaging. If your skin is very light, you need sun tan lotion with a high sun protection factor. In most cases, darker-skinned folks require less protection.

To maximize the benefits, wait a minimum of thirty minutes after sun tan lotion application before exposing skin to the sun's rays. Experts recommend using a liberal amount of product, as folks tend to fall short on this. For best results, reapply sun tan lotion after perspiring or participating in water sports.

Remember too that sun tan lotion is not just for use during recreational times. You can be exposed to the sun on your way to work, or while running errands. It is a good idea to get into the habit of putting on sun tan lotion before you leave the house.

Another good idea is to get children into the habit of using sun tan lotion before they venture out. An extra benefit to sun tan lotion is that it delivers moisture to the skin. In doing so, it diminishes the likelihood that you will develop premature wrinkling that can add years to your appearance.Sun Using a great sunless tanning product must be considered.

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