Reasons for the Popularity of Non-Invasive Procedures

By Brentz Walker

Non-invasive procedures have been rising lately according to statistics. Tummy tucks are still popular, as well as breast augmentations, but less invasive procedures are becoming more widely accepted. Injections or laser treatments are how most of the non-invasive type of procedures are administered. The reason for the shift is due to many factors.

You have two choices with cosmetic surgery. You can hide away till the healing is done. Or, your second option is that someone you know will see you in the healing process with a bruise, a bandage or some other sign. Secrecy is not really a practical option here.

The good thing is that it's actually not easy for someone to notice a non-invasive procedure, when handled by an expert. Your friends may notice something unusual, but will not be able to say exactly what's different about you. It is a great reason to choose a more discrete and non-invasive procedure.

Because we lead busy lives, private time to recover isn't available sometimes. The idea that you can schedule a non-invasive procedure on a Friday afternoon and return to work on Monday is extremely appealing. In fact, the convenience factor is huge when comparing non-invasive procedures to standard cosmetic surgeries. Women or men can go and have a Botox treatment in the time off for lunch break, this makes is a popular choice. A laser treatment on your day off is always a better use of your time than taking several vacation days to recuperate from a physically exhausting surgical procedure.

One can not have any procedure done without a measure of risk, even if it's tiny. The biggest potential issue is with the use of general anesthesia. It can cause severe and adverse reactions in some patients. The patient is required to sign a waiver because of this. Other non-invasive options are available that can happen in an office environment, are much safer than surgeries that need general anesthesia.

Because of a variety of factors, including the fact that there seems to be a recession going on, non-invasive procedures have been going up, and more serious cosmetic surgeries are going down. Basically, it's cheaper to have a non-invasive procedure. In most cases, a health plan will not pay for a cosmetic procedure; as these are elective surgeries. Saving money to have a cosmetic procedure sometimes gets left behind when other more pressing financial concerns are coming forth.

On the other hand, having a non-invasive procedure will cost much less. The results of 10 minutes of Botox can make a patient just as happy as a face lift, but for much less money. It makes sense to have a non-invasive procedure when money is tight, as it's effective and works well.

Non-invasive procedures can be every bit as noticeable as the expensive surgical options. Having a procedure such as these is the result of a desire to look more youthful and to be more attractive. Whether you want to erase that frown line on your forehead or just add a little extra hair up there, non-invasive procedures can provide wonderful results. They can be as fast as 10 minutes, have no general anesthesia and are nowhere near as risky as other options. Often, the patient can go right back to the job. The idea of achieving comparable results for less money, less downtime and less risk is appealing on so many levels to so many people. These are some of the reasons that non-invasive procedures are on the rise at this time.

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