Spot The Nicest Location To Get A Good Mystic Spray Tan Procedure Done

By Haywood Raptis

When it comes to sunless tanning spa treatments Mystic spray tan is the perfect solution. This product works together with heat in order to ensure that people achieve a flawlessly natural looking tan. Using heat in combination with a misting device or booth means that clients are kept dry and warm from beginning to end.

From the minute one steps into the booth with the Mystic spray tan, your entire body is cocooned in a warm, soothing environment. One's skin is heat infused allowing for a deeper absorption of the Mystic spray tan. This in turn results in a tan that will last much longer due to the deeper penetration of the formula into the skin.

An airbrush sweeps across ones body resulting in tans that are perfectly smooth and even. A person's entire body is meticulously covered from head to toe in the Mystic spray tan. Moreover, the misting device releases the Mystic spray tan in precise quantities, so there will not be any areas of over- spray; this all takes place whilst warm air is simultaneously drying the body.

Of course the absolute advantage of using this system is that the risk of ending up with a blotch or streaky skin is eliminated. The fact that the Mystic spray tan is dried by the warm air flow as it is being applied means that one will not end up with areas where the product has run. And finally the best benefit is that there is no risk of ending up looking like an orange, as only the right quantity of Mystic spray tan is applied to one's skin.

Mystic spray tan was the original sunless tanner inventor and thus it stands to reason that they would be the ones to recreate these products through enhanced technology and formulations. All the ingredients have been designed to not only deliver a high quality tanned skin but also look very natural. Plus the new formulae have Paraben-Free ingredients.

Mystic spray tan also contains DHA as well as Erythrulose which works together perfectly to guarantee a flawless result that lasts longer and fades in a completely natural patch free way. Added large concentrations of Aloe Vera moisturize the skin while the product sets. Besides this Acai and Green Tea extracts and Larrea Divaricata work to protect ones skin from free radicals due to their unique antioxidant properties.

In addition to all the above ingredients, a convenient odor control has also been incorporated into the formula for the Mystic spray tan. This is one area that most sunless tanners will agree is not so glamorous, and that is the smell of the DHA, which is found in every single tanning product. It can either be naturally derived from beet or sugar cane or from glycerin. It is the active ingredient which causes the melanin in the skin to react and darken.

Numerous articles condone exposing ones skin to harmful UV light from the sun and tanning beds. Thus in order to get a gorgeously tanned body in a safe way using this misting process is best. For any body that is tired of their pale colorless skin tone, they can head to the nearest Mystic spray tan spa.

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