Sun Tan Spray Fights The Bite Of Deadly Sunlight

By Haywood Hunter

Sun tan spray has been a popular product since the mid 1900s. When applied to exposed skin, it acts as protection against harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays. There are many brands on the market. You can choose from lotions, gels, creams or sprays.

Suntan oil is different altogether. It is not made to give protection from the sun, but to help you tan quickly and effectively. Suntan spray gets to work absorbing, reflecting and filtering the rays while the oil actually has the purpose of intensifying the rays to enable a person to tan deeper and faster as they normally would. Make very certain to choose the right one.

Sunblock is a very necessary product for anyone who will be exposed to the sun for a relatively long time. It is essential that the sunblock goes along and that it gets used when you spend a day at the beach. Sunblock also have another use. They sometimes serve as part of the arsenal of someone who has a light skin and wants to protect it. Light skins gets damaged very easily by the sun.

Whatever kind of package you get it in, the cream should be applied to all skin that is exposed to the sun. For most adults, one squirt should be close to enough to cover all the areas that needs it. It is also available in a spray.

There is difference of opinion on exactly how to apply sunscreen products. Some people say apply it to the body two two three hours before you go outside. New research shows that two applications are actually more effective. One about 15 to 30 minutes minutes before you step into the sunlight and one after you have been outside for about the same period. Some kinds resist water. Others must be re-applied after swimming or sweating.

There is no best type available for babies. Babies should not be exposed to the sun at all as their skin is too delicate to cope with the harsh sun. As adults we are all aware of the dangers of excessive exposure. We should never subject the precious new skin of an infant to the unforgiving rays. Seek advice from a physician if there is no avoiding exposing your infant to the sun. Not all protection products are suitable for skin younger than six months. Baby's tender, sensitive skin may react badly to sun lotions.

Most older kids though seem to love playing outside, so it is extra important to put sun block on them to protect them. If they get sun burn in ten minutes, SPF 30 block will give them protection for 300 minutes and SPF 15 for 150 minutes.

The sun's rays are very dangerous and is a cause of skin cancer. Medical bodies including the American cancer society recommend sunscreens such as sun tan cream because it helps to keep away the possible development of squamous cell carcinoma as well as basal cell carcinoma. Keep in mind that some sunblock products will be washed away or diluted when water is present. The best is to re-apply the product after swimming.

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