The Emotional Eater Next Door

By Katherine Heffernon

It is no easy to identify them, the woman dropping kids off at school appears usual, talks usual, and does things in a usual way but when she is at home alone she eats tons of food and drinks wine by herself. Does that sound like you? If it doesn't, then it probably does to your next door neighbor and you wouldn't even guess it.

The family existence everyone lives currently is full of people who suffer with being alone, feeling blue, miserable, stressed out, tired, and discouraged. Most of us either cope with these emotions in a good way like working out or talking with a friend, or cope in a negative way like stuffing ourselves with snacks to numb the pain.

For those of us who eat to fill the void, it's a lonely road. You eat in private because you are ashamed, you have a negative self-image, and the issues which started it all are still there when you are done. If the questions below ring true for you then you most likely are an emotional eater.

Do you eat food just because?

Physical hunger is patient and is open to all options (like vegetables and hummus) while emotional hunger cannot weight and MUST have a bag of chips immediately even if you just finished lunch.

Do you go to the pantry instead of dealing with your issues?

Filling yourself with food instead of coming to terms with your feelings can bring up your level of stress and your blood pressure resulting in you experiencing more depression then before.

Do you regularly overeat high carb, high fat foods?

One should be eating 'good for you' food 90% of the time and 'cheat' foods 10% of the time. If these percentages are not in line most of the time, then you need to control your emotional eating.

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