The Sun Love Self Tanner Solution

By Haywood Hunter

The majority of self tanner products will make the body look orange and are not easy to apply so the tan is even. Others do not adhere to the skin correctly. Fortunately Sun Love self tanner provides a natural color tan that is even, thanks to its fine spray and high quality ingredients.

Self tanning solutions have been around since the 60's. Back then it was revealed that sun bathing was very bad for the skin and can even cause skin cancer. It is because of this information that self tanner products have become so popular and widely used.

Sun Love Self Tanner is a very effectively product, it contains DHA, which is a harmless chemical that reacts with the top layer of dead skin cells on the body. It does not in way effect the skins pigmentation. The effect is a nice brown color that lasts for several days. DHA has FDA approval provided the products contains less than 14% DHA. Sun Love Self Tanner products all contain below this amount of DHA.

Sun Love self tanner turns the skin a natural bronze, just like a sun tan. Many other products create a slightly orange color that is a tell tale sign of using a self tanning product. Sun Love Self Tanner adds a slight touch of green to counteract this orange effect. The skin is not green in anyway because of this.

Using a self tanner is now more popular than ever, thanks to celebrity endorsements. Kate Middleton wore a fake tan during her recent wedding. They provide a great way to improve your look and increase your self confidence. Because of the risks associated with using a sun bed or sun bathing in bright sunshine, they are a much safer option. They are also a much better tanning solution for those show have light skin, or freckles, and for those who tend to burn very easily in the sun.

Sun Love Self Tanner is the best self tanning product available. It is extremely natural in color and lasts for a long period of time. Sun Love Self Tannerproducts have a very fine spray so it is easy to get an even tan in those difficult places, such as the neck, face, back and behind the legs,

For the best tanning results it is wise to exfoliate the skin before applying the product; this removes any flaky dead skin cells. This because DHA reacted to the top layer of dead skin cells, so flaking skin will come off making the tan look patchy. Also apply a thin layer of moisturizer all over the body before applying the tanner. This is the secret to obtaining a very natural looking tan.

After applying Sun Love self tanner it is recommended to use a daily moisturizer that contains DHA. This help the fake tan develop and also easier to maintain. The tan usually appears the following day, although with some people in may take two days to fully develop. For a natural color tan that is easy to apply look no further that the Sun Love self tanner solution. It is available in different size bottles at an affordable price. Do a search on the internet for Sun Love Self Tanner products to find the best deals.

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