Why Dark Self Tanner Is Safe For Use

By Haywood Hunter

Dark self tanner is the ideal choice for people seeking to get a realistic tan look without having to lay out in the sun all day. This liquid dark self tanner has been in production for close to three decades and is available all over the world. Many people continue to learn the benefits of opting for these products rather than risk getting burned on a sun bed.

Using dark self tanner enables you to achieve the equivalent of many hours sunbathing into less than an hour. Most of the dark self tanner products found in stores are fast acting and only require the user to shower, exfoliate and moisturize before applying the tanning lotion. The color adheres to the skin quickly allowing the person to wash the residue shortly afterwards.

Another benefit has to be the privacy granted. Many people do not feel comfortable lying in the sun in revealing bathing suits, but they do envy other men and women who manage to attain a lovely bronze shade. With dark self tanner, all the work needed to achieve the same look can be achieved within the privacy of one's own home.

The health benefit of using dark self tanner products is the most vital aspect. When people sunbathe, they get to enjoy the heat of the sun's rays at a very steep cost. The ultra violet rays that shine down on human skin have been responsible for many people developing skin cancer. People, who have been careless enough, or simply ignorant, have spent many hours under the hot sun without lathering up with some sunscreen. This has increased their risk of developing this condition.

Skin cancer is not a danger when it comes to using dark self tanner products. There is no exposure to ultraviolet light or heat. For this reason, experts regularly advocate its use in place of sun beds and sunbathing. The ingredients used to manufacture the tanning lotions are also safe for use and are FDA approved.

In fact, the effects of using them are never permanent. Most dark self tanner products fade after just a week. Because they are applied on the top layer of the skin that is made up of dead skin cells, the color disappears as the skin cells naturally fall off. Luckily, the only thing a person needs to do to retain their appearance is to reapply the product.

The manufacture of dark self tanner products began in 1983 and has continued to grow exponentially ever since. New variations form different companies keep appearing that promise a better tan and a more natural look. Thankfully, many of the products are easily affordable and can be continuously used for a year round tan.

Skin tanning pills are the latest development in this industry. They however have not received FDA approval and because of the danger of liver damage from the coring agent, have not been recommended for use by medical experts. Dark self tanner however continue to be the product of choice and have been proven to supply a much desired tan appearance.

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