Instant Tan Spray And Things To Think About

By Susan Jumonville

Looking dark and tan is a must for many in the western world. Some believe it makes them look healthier, skinnier, and richer. Everyone has his or her reasons. If being tan is important though, one must take a look at the pros and cons of opting to undergo instant tan spray rather than lying out in the sun.

When heading to the salon rather than the beach or tanning bed for a little color, one can avoid having to worry about the UV rays that are damaging to our skin. One need not worry about becoming burnt on the sensitive areas such as the shoulders, nose, or ears neither. Rather the spray ensures a nice even tan across the body, leaving the individual a little more colorful and keeping the skin healthy as well.

It is undeniable that the majority of people love instant gratification, and that is exactly what this is. Simply walk into a salon, stand in a booth for a few minutes, and come out with some color. For those that are heading out on a vacation, attending a special event, or are just feeling a bit to pasty, this can be very useful.

But looking at the disadvantages of going this route, there are many. The chemical in this spray is dihdroxyacetone, DHA for short. While it is FDA approved, there may still be side effects that one should take note of. While standing in the booth it is possible that this can get in ones eyes, lips, or accidentally inhaled. For those that have asthma, it is important to get the approval of a doctor before getting this done.

Thankfully DHA only stays on the very surface of the skin. Unfortunately though, this makes the tan only stay around for a few days. The color then fades when the dead skin cells start shedding, which is pretty frequent. By exfoliating everyday on top of that, the color fades even quicker. It is recommended to do the exfoliation right before getting the spray done, and then waiting until it has faded before exfoliating again. This also helps the tan look more even on the skin.

Spray tan can unfortunately also stain clothes, hands, hair, bed sheets, and other things it comes in contact with soon after applied. It is best to wait at least twenty-minutes after application before putting on clean clothes, but wash hands right away after getting stained.

DHA does not have any type of sun protection in it, so it is still important to take preventative measures when going under direct sunlight. Hang on to the sun hats, glasses, and sunscreen, and find shade when possible. Also remember to stay hydrated when out and about.

Getting instant tan spray may sound appealing for some, and not for others. In many ways it is better than being directly under the sun and getting color that way, but it does hurt the wallet a bit more. Weigh out the options and see which one sounds like the best way to go.

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