Using The Darkest Self Tanner On The Market To Enjoy A Very Deep Fake Suntan

By Haywood Raptis

Sitting in the sun for several hours just to sport a very intense dark complexion is a bad idea. Other than an olive skin color, you may end up with cancer because of UV rays. If you want a risk-free solution, get the darkest self tanner on the market.

What makes this darkest self tanner on the market different from other indoor tanning solutions is the intensity of the fake suntan it can produce. The product is specifically formulated to give your skin the kind of tone that makes so many heads turn. Applying today's darkest self tanner on the market can definitely rival the complexion you can get at the beach.

Grabbing that darkest self tanner on the market is recommendable for people who are born with naturally tanned skin. This is the topical solution to get if they want to enhance their complexion. Not going for the darkest self tanner on the market is a waste of money. This is particularly true if the tan it produces is lighter than the user's base skin color.

The application of this darkest self tanner on the market is not for everyone. People who have light complexion should go for something else that's made to produce mild to moderate skin darkening. If not, a catastrophe may happen that last until the outcome has completely vanished. When buying an indoor tanning solution, it's a good idea to look for a product whose effect is not too extreme. To obtain a deep fake suntan, simply reapply until you achieve the shade you like.

If you want nothing but to use the darkest self tanner on the market, it's recommendable to pick the cream form. In case you find that the shade is simply too extreme, you may weaken the formulation by adding some hand and body moisturizing lotion. Remember to test it on a small patch of skin beforehand to see just how dramatic the resulting tan is.

You should dilute that darkest self tanner on the market with a hand and body moisturizing lotion if you are planning on using it on the face. However, read the label to be sure that it may be applied on sensitive facial skin. Otherwise, so many excellent tanners for the face are available that can darken its color without requiring unnecessary UV ray exposure.

What makes today's darkest self tanner on the market effective is the high amount of the chemical called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It's something used by many indoor tanning solutions because it can replicate the color of a real suntan. DHA won't harm or irritate the skin. It is very gentle and the only one of its kind with the FDA's approval.

Before you apply your darkest self tanner on the market, it's important that you properly have your skin ready. Exfoliating in the shower deals with an uneven layer of dead skin cells. This allows DHA in the UV-free tanning solution to produce a smooth deep brown tone that lasts for many days. You also have to shave off unwanted body hair to keep blotches at bay.

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