5 Things to Do Before You Stick Anything in Your Mouth

Every Sunday morning you will find me at Organic Garden, shopping for some of the fresh produce that was picked the night before.

They even have signs that read "Florida Fresh! Picked Last Night! It's a good idea to buy as much as you can from local farmers as it helps out your community, saves on transportation and the food is fresher

Florida isn't known for its organic food but at the Sunday organic market It's really the best and for more than just being fresh.

Let me tell you why.

I am very much a believer in vibrations that's why I practice Medical Qi Gong and Energetic medicine.

If you are buying something and especially if that something is food that you are about to eat or feed to your family, you don't want any bad vibes or low energy from the store or restaurant.
Foods with low energy will do nothing but fill your belly, make you fat and toxic regardless of whether or not that food is on your diet. Believe it or don't.

Continue to eat those foods and there's a good chance you can even become sick. That's right sick, from the bad vibes. That's why I find it so important to say a little prayer over anything you put in your mouth... And if you are in a restaurant it's even more important. Who knows how the chief or the waiter is feeling. They may be pissed off at their wife or girl friend and be putting out bad vibrations all night and unconsciously be putting that vibration into your meal.

The food will eat your energy, instead of giving you energy. If you look at food as fuel and you're putting bad fuel in your car or machine of any kind you're going to get poor performance. Not only that, it's going to ware out sooner than you expect. That's why we change our oil; use a better grade of gas etc. Well the same is true with food. If you are eating poor quality food or the vibration of the food is low your going to have a bumpy ride.

Now how can one tell if the food has a good vibe or not?
There are a few simple guidelines to follow when it comes to food and energy:
1. Is the person in the store or restaurant helpful and friendly? This is the very first indication that the energy of a place is good, simple but true.

2. Do you see smiles on the faces of the people in the store or restaurant? A smile can change a low energy vibration to a high energy vibration instantly.

3. Take a good look at the other customers shopping around you. Do they seem happy or are they up tight over rushed or even down right nasty. They are not only an indication of the energy of the place, they are contributing to it.

4. Look at the quality of the food. How is displayed? Do the people that are serving you feel pride in what they are serving you or is it just a job. You don't want zombie energy around you they are energy suckers. I have a friend who believes that the energy in restaurants is so important that sometimes, depending on the energy of the server, he will ask them to bring him anything that they want to serve or would eat themselves. If the person is full of good energy this will instantly put that good energy into the food.

5. Do your deep breathing quiescent meditation every day to sharpen your internal skills you will become a magnet for good energy. Not only that you will learn how to pull more energy out of the food.

Remember as you Feel the good energy you become that energy.
I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness,
Dr. Wu Dhi
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