6 Pack Abs Exercises: What You Need to Know

Online, you are going to find hundreds of 6 pack abs exercises that will promise you lighting fast results. While it's not impossible to see or feel results quickly, it is impossible to do so without putting in hard work. The problem is that while you can work muscles and build them in specific areas, you still need to work on the body as a whole to allow your abs to truly shine.

 With this, you also need a nutritionally sound diet that will give you the protein you need and enough complex carbohydrates to provide you with energy.

Great 6 Pack Ab Routine
Reverse Crunch 4×20
Prone or Lateral Plank 4×30 Seconds
Long Arm Crunch 4×12
Hanging Leg Raises 4×12
Jump Squats 4×12
Russian Twists 4×20
DeadLifts 4×12
Long Arm Crunch:

The first of the 6 pack abs exercises you may want to consider is the long arm crunch. This is as simple as lying flat on a mat with your arms extended and contracting the abs as you raise your body off the floor. You'll want to keep your arms straight at all times and stop this process if you feel any shooting pain in areas of your body. Those who need some intensity can add dumbbells to the exercise routine.

Reverse Crunch:

Your next option for 6 pack abs exercises will be the reverse crunch. This exercise is as simple as lying on the floor and lifting your legs. You will then take your knees and bring them closer to your chest and repeat this process in small, defined movements. That is going to help you to boost your level of fitness and work towards getting the abs that you're looking for.


While planking is an exercise many people enjoy, you can use this to help you get the abs that you are looking for. Simply lie down face first on a mat and push up your elbows into a resting position and your toes so that there is a solid line from the tip of your head to the back of your feet.

Exercise Ball:

Those who prefer the use of exercise equipment can take out the exercise ball. You'll want to use it for ball crunches that have your lower back positioned on the ball as you curl up to improve your lower body strength and improve your abdominal muscles.

What you will find is that with a regular workout routine, you can use these 6 pack abs exercises to improve the appearance of your abs. The 6 pack abs exercises above with your continued clean eating will yield great results.

Train Hard,
-David McCready
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