A Personal Trainer Los Angeles Has These Three Tips For A Rock-Solid Abs

By Patricia Neill

As you know, Los Angeles hosts a number of the world's most famous actors and actresses. Even renowned sports personalities and several of the most popular models are residing here. And because looking good is really important in the entertainment industry, it's no longer a surprise why you will find many of the world's best personal trainer Los Angeles here.

So if you're thinking of working out and aiming a rock-solid stomach, you should therefore consider hiring a personal trainer Los Angeles. To help you achieve your workout goals fast, here are a few tips that you can follow.

Keep Your Abs Engaged

Your body's core region, which has the lower back, glutes and abs, are considered as the stabilizer muscle group. This muscle group is constantly active if you are performing any kind of workout exercises. Therefore, make the most of this.

If you are lifting weights or performing workout exercises that make use of any of the stabilizer muscles, thoroughly engage these muscles by keeping your abs tight and keeping your posture solid. If you do this every time you work out, a personal trainer Los Angeles can guarantee you that you will achieve great results in no time.

Focus On Compound Movements

Since you're targeting your abs, you need to put your focus on compound workouts when performing your exercise routines. These workouts are better than isolated workouts with regards to achieving a rock-solid stomach. The personal trainer Los Angeles suggests that you work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Some of the compound workouts that are effective in exercising your abs are planks and the bicycle maneuver. And here's how you can do these workouts:

* Bicycle Maneuver

To do this, lie on your back while your hands should be settled right behind your head and elbows are spread. Keep your lower back pressed towards the floor and your abs must be contracted and crunch across your body and one elbow should reach the opposite knee. Do the movements alternatively. A personal trainer Los Angeles explained that this movement will work more muscles in your body instead of simply doing a typical crunch exercise. You can also make use of a fitness ball to vary the exercise.

* Planks

Get on the floor on your stomach while your arms and feet are pressed entirely on the floor. Lift your butt slowly up and make your abs work while doing this. Also, you must ensure you're your back is straight and stay on this position for as long as you can. If you do this regularly, you will certainly achieve a rock solid stomach in no time.

Eat Lots Of Protein

Your protein intake could actually help your body to rebuild muscles right after you are done with your workout. Among the best protein sources are eggs, cheese, lean meats, nuts and legumes. Healthy protein shakes are also advisable. Use the shake as a substitute for your daily meals. The personal trainer Los Angeles also advises you to drink soy protein or whey powder coupled with soy or skim milk.

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