Using Ultra Dark Self Tanning Micro Mist For A Simulated Tan That Looks Natural

By Haywood Hunter

Ultra dark self tanning micro mist is formulated to produce a deep olive complexion that looks real. Sold in an aerosol can, the product evenly coats the skin with a brown tint and DHA for an immediate effect that lasts for several days. It's the one to grab if you want an at-home tan solution that isn't complicated to apply yet produces an impressive result.

You end up with a strikingly rich tan the moment you press the nozzle of the ultra dark self tanning micro mist. The reason for this is the brown dye added in the solution to eliminate a lackluster pale skin tone on the spot. Because the product dries up really fast, it won't be long before you may wear your clothes again and start flaunting your gorgeous complexion.

Do take note that the instantaneous skin color change brought about by this ultra dark self tanning micro mist is short-term only. It means that it will disappear when you take a shower or swim in the ocean. A couple of reasons exist why this brown dye is around. One, it makes you feel satisfied right away. Two, the dye takes the role of DHA while it has not developed yet.

DHA is considered as the most essential ultra dark self tanning micro mist component. It's not going to harm your skin because it's an all-natural chemical extracted from sugar cane. DHA in ultra dark self tanning micro mist reacts with the amino acids that dead cells of the skin possess. This results in the topmost epidermal layer's browning that looks just like a tan.

The initial effect of DHA becomes evident about 3 hours after spraying on ultra dark self tanning micro mist. It's for such reason why the presence of a deep brown dye is essential. The darkest olive shade that DHA can produce shows up in 1 to 3 days. Unlike the dye present in the solution, DHA's effect may be enjoyed for 7 to 10 days until it gradually disappears.

Ultra dark self tanning micro mist coats the skin in an even fashion, the big secret if what you want is to sport an indoor tan that doesn't look fake. The application is simplified because this product comes in the form of an aerosol spray. Ultra dark self tanning micro mist requires no rubbing. You can step foot outside the home without having heavily-stained palms.

Prior to applying this ultra dark self tanning micro mist, exfoliating the skin is essential to attain the smoothest possible olive complexion. The use of a tan extender once DHA is through with its job lets the deep color stay around longer than usual. The ultra dark self tanning micro mist itself can impress, and the use of complementary products can further improve it.

The ultra dark self tanning micro mist saves you from sitting in the sun just to obtain a complexion that can make everyone stop and stare. Without risking your health, its special blend of ingredients can replicate the color of a gorgeous tan. DHA used by this product effectively and safely causes skin darkening that allows you to look lovelier for several days.

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