An Even Tan With Sun Laboratories Strickly Face

By Haywood Hunter

For anyone who enjoys the look of a suntan, but cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, there are alternatives. Sun Laboratories Strickly Face is an instant-results tanning cream available from several online retailers. This can provide both men and women with a tanned look without the exposure to ultraviolet radiation that one gets from the sun.

Sometimes people are just too busy to spend idle time laying in the sun. Most people, men and women, work nine-to-five type of shifts. This means they do not get home until after the really good sun has already gone away.

With just the first application, a person can reveal tanned-looking skin. There are some overnight products as well. Anyone can have that glow of bronzed skin all year long without risking burns and skin damage from tanning beds.

Because these products carry an sun protection factor of fifteen, they actually protect the skin from damage. Dermatologists have long regarded tanned skin as damaged skin, and have warned us that there is no such thing as a healthy tan. Over time, exposure to direct sunlight can result in wrinkles, bags, and a leathery appearance to the whole body. The SPF 15 is the minimum sun protection recommended by most dermatologists.

Dermatologists actually recommend these bronzers over tanning beds or laying in the sun. These products can provide one with healthy color, without subjecting the wearer to damaging sunlight. In fact, it is a sunblock that can help protect the skin while maintaining an existing tan. There is even a product available that gives skin a glittery shine.

Beauty Queens and models both use tanning lotions and bronzers. Sometimes they might even get a spray-on tan. This allows them to have even color without lines. They do not risk a sunburn which can cause blisters and scars. Some modeling coaches do not allow their models to lay in the sun at all, ever. Prematurely aged skin is not to be desired for anyone who has a career that counts on their youthful appearance.

There are and always have been those who are obsessed with tanning and laying out in direct sunlight. During the off-season, these individuals can be found at local tanning salons attempting to maintain their summer color. These products are great for helping them to keep an evenly tanned look even during the winter months. There are no lines or irregularities when one tans their skin in this way. It also provides moisturizing and a sun protection factor to help keep their skin healthy and hydrated.

The Sun Laboratories Strickly Face can be removed by simply washing with soap and water. This is not a permanent staining of skin, though there may be some residual color. For those who are extremely pale or prone to sunburns, use of this product on the beach can save them from over-exposure to sun while also giving them a healthy tanned look.

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