Get A Good Spray Sun Tan

By Haywood Hunter

If there is anything that is trendy and desirable, it is a glowing skin that has a beautiful bronze tan. Pale skin is considered unattractive. Getting a tan is as easy as going out to the sun, but this is known to take long before results can be seen. Luckily, there has come spray tanning, where you can get a glowing skin without the hassle. A few basic rules will ensure you get a good spray sun tan.

No makeup should be worn on the day you plan to go and get a spray sun tan. The only makeup that can be permitted is lip balm and mascara. There are some kinds of deodorant that are known to react with the tanning solution and may start forming patches on the armpits. It is advisable that you try and put on no deodorant at all on the day of your spray tan.

Give your skin some time to absorb the tanning solution. Spray sun tan will take a period of six to ten hours before being fully absorbed by the skin. This will mean that you should take a shower only after twelve hours have elapsed since getting the tan. Avoid moisturizing your skin immediately getting the tan, so as to avoid messing up the tan.

By sweating, and having dripping water on your body, some of the spray sun tan will wash off and leave undesirable streaks. Try and avoid any activities that will cause you to sweat. Also, avoid swimming and water activities. Water and sweat will cause the spray sun tan to streak leaving undesirable streaks.

For the period you have your spray sun tan, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing. Try not to exfoliate, as it will shorten the life of your tan. Do not shave either, as shaving is a form of exfoliation.

After getting sprayed, do not apply bronzing product. The tanning solution usually contains this product hence using both together will make you look unnatural. Avoid wool, nylon and silk immediately after your spray sun tan as they stain quite easily. Wear loose clothing that will not wipe off the tanning solution before it is fully absorbed.

Ensure that your beauty therapist is aware of the kind of products that you use on your skin. Some of the facial cleansers, shower bars and perfumes are known to remove the spray sun tan. Your therapist will be able to advice accordingly regarding the products that you use.

Prior to the tanning, exfoliate and get rid of unwanted hair. When you want a spray sun tan for a big event, do a try out early. This will help you choose a suitable shade and see some of the results, such as whether your skin is reacting to the tanning solution.

The secret to a long lasting spray sun tan is to keep it well moisturized. Moisturizing will also ensure that the skin glows, and will not be dried out by the chemicals in the tanning solution. When going out to the sun wear sunscreen. Many people forget to do this and end up getting very severe sunburn as well as flaky skin. Take your time and choose the best spray sun tan.

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