Everything You Have To Learn About Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Tanning lotion is a product that is used by many people nowadays, especially women. A tanning lotion advantageously utilizes the effects of UV radiation on the skin. It has no SPF thus is nothing similar to sunscreen. The ultraviolet radiation activates the tanning lotion to help increase blood circulation to the skin and enhances production of melanin for the skin.

Basking in the sun is usually the best method to give maximum results because of the UV radiation that the sun produces. However, when used indoors a tanning bed or booth is required for production of the necessary radiation. More advanced tanning lotion is being produced currently and it does not require UV radiation to work perfectly.

Tanning lotion usually has a wide range of ingredients to achieve the intended results. The ingredients include natural extracts of oil from various herbs and an assortment of synthetic chemicals. The chemicals are carefully selected not to react with the acrylic tanning bed. Melanin is also included to supplement the amount of melanin produced by the body.

Tea tree oil is one of the herbal extracts included in a tanning lotion because of its medicinal value also noted in other products. Green tea is also used in the formula for a tanning lotion. Such oils make the tanning lotion more of a natural product than a generic one.

Synthetic chemicals are also included in the ingredients of a tanning lotion in order to supplement what the natural extracts may lack. One such example is melanin that works alongside L Tyrosine. Copper is also necessary but it is usually in many combined chemical formulas.

Moisturizers must also be included in the tanning lotion. They help in keeping the skin hydrated even after the exposure to UV radiation that causes a dry skin making it flake. One such moisturizing ingredient is hemp tree oil. The best tanning lotion to use is one that is recommended by your beauty therapist.

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