Self Tanner For A Desirable Sun Kissed Color

By Susan Jumonville

Self tanner is excellent for people that want to get tanned without using a sun-bed. Going brown is a process before someone reaches the colour that they are happy with. If someone puts too much self tanner on at first they might not be the colour they want. They may be patchy in places and browner in others. Therefore, some people decide to go for a self tanner. Spray tans are easier to apply evenly, all over the body.

People who do not tan naturally can benefit from self tanner. It can make someone look healthier and more attractive. Many women get fake tans before getting married so they look excellent in their dress. Wearing a white dress against a brown body looks fantastic.

Self tanner can look trendy and fashionable. If someone is going on a date and wants to impress they should use a self tanner a few days before the date. It is unwise to use self tanner the day before going on a date because it might not turn out right.

Before going on holiday, many people top up their tan by applying self tanner. When they go on holiday they blend in with locals and don't look so white. Some people use self tanner to fool others that they spent every day of their holiday on the beach.

There are many reasons why someone might use self tanner. Often, a person is not happy with their own colour. A person might be too white and people may say they look ill without self tanner. Some people are born paler than others and there is nothing wrong with this. However, some individuals are not happy being naturally white and want a slight self tanner. There are different levels of self tanner and whilst someone may prefer a very dark tan, others prefer to be lighter. Some spray tans look orange compared to brown so it is best to read reviews written from satisfied customers.

A person can look healthier when they have colour in their cheeks. When someone is white they can look ill. Fake tan makes muscles look more defined and stand out. Bodybuilders often apply self tanner before going in a show.

Before self tanner was created there was only one way of getting a tan. That was through sunbathing to get the natural, sun kissed look. However, people who didn't go brown in the sun would have to put up with the reddish tones that their skin went. Many people who spent hours in the sun would just get sun burnt, rather than the golden glow that they wanted. Today, there are many ways of getting a golden tan without having to bake for hours in the sun.

There are a lot of positive reasons why someone should use self tanner compared to spending hours in the sun. More people are getting skin cancer due to spending too much time in the sun. Sun beds have been found to cause skin cancer too. Therefore, artificial tans are much more safer and healthier.

Fake tan lotions were created in the seventies. When they were first created they were unpredictable and not reliable, but they have got better. Today, fake tan lotions help someone to get a natural looking tan.

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