Facts And Information About The Advantages Of Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Nowadays, more people are aware of the bad effects that come with over exposure to natural and artificial sunlight. Many individuals are afraid to lay out in the bright rays, but still want that healthy glow. Luckily, self tanning lotion is available.

Self tanning lotion provides lightweight coverage and work to change the overall appearance of the skin. After a few applications most individuals look as if they have been lounging on the beach all day. They are safe to use and the glow generally lasts for a week at a time.

Applying self tanning lotion is quite simple. The most vital thing to remember is to be meticulous about skin preparation. The finish will look amazing and nobody will ever know that the look was produced by artificial means.

The first step that needs to be done is getting the body ready for the self tanning lotion. The night before applying the cream, get the skin ready. Take a warm shower and exfoliate the dead cells away. Be gentle when drying off and don't put on any type of moisturizing products. The body needs to be a blank canvas to prevent uneven streaks.

One thing most people do, when applying the self tanning lotion, is use gloves. The cream easily stains the hands and tends to pool between the fingers leaving brown marks. Individuals who choose to apply the self tanning lotion without covering the hands, should wash them carefully afterwards.

It's best to begin with the feet and work upwards when applying self tanning lotion. Always start with a thin coat and work quickly. Use steady strokes to avoid streaking or uneven tones. The faster the cream goes on, the better the finished look will be.

Let the layers of self tanning lotion dry thoroughly before moving onto the next coat. This will generally take around a half an hour. Don't sit on anything that can easily be stained or ruined. Use a towel or sit in a lawn chair to avoid such mishaps while waiting for the self tanning lotion to finish drying.

Even when a person is very careful, streaks still occur. However, the self tanning lotion is easily removed by using a bowl full of water and lemon juice. Use a rag to gently wipe away all remnants of the lotion. There are also removing products that are sold at the same stores where the self tanning lotions are bought.

Self tanning lotion is a great alternative to anyone who does not want to expose their skin to the harsh effects of sunlight. The creams are easy to locate and cost effective. Best of all, using self tanning lotion is a great way to get that summertime glow throughout the year.

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