The Amazing Benefits Of Spray On Tan Colors

By Haywood Hunter

When a person has a tan they present the impression that they have been on a vacation or are an outdoor enthusiast. Many cannot obtain this look because they do not get out in the sun enough. This is where spray on tan comes into the picture. Spray-on tans are used by both men and women with striking results.

The first spray on tan appeared in 2000 and became very popular. It provides a way to achieve that beautiful bronze or dark tan look without the danger of the sun's UV rays. This procedure can be done in a salon, in one's home, or at other locations.

The spray on tan is put on the body by a mist while standing in a booth. Dihydroxyaceton (DHA) which is in the product turns the outer skin cells brown. This product is available in an oil or water base with different levels of color and skin texture.

Whether a man or woman, a spray on tan is available that matches your skin tones. In other words, a light skinned person would not use an extra dark spray on tan. The beauty of this product is there are no smear lines that often appear in other types of artificially created tans.

Men have found spray on tan especially effective when they want to show off their muscles. It has also been effectual for both men and women attending special events such as weddings. Regardless of the occasion spray on tan is an easy way to achieve an outstanding appearance.

The FDA has approved the spray on tan as there is no known toxicity. However, proper protection should be taken when used, such as covering the mouth, eyes and nose. Whether spray on tan is applied at home, in a special salon, or elsewhere, the result is a beautiful look one can be proud of.

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