Find Out Hints On Guide About How To Get Dark Spray On Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Being stuck in the house because it is cold outside can make you feel like you want to be on vacation in some tropical locale, sipping fruity drinks and working on a deep brown skin color. Since we cannot always get away, the next best thing is to get dark spray on tan when we are feeling the need for some summertime. Here are some tips on how to obtain this.

Going to a salon to get dark spray on tan is always a better choice than to do it yourself at home. The men and women who work there are well educated in the ways of spraying a golden color onto your skin. Here are some hints to prepare yourself for your tanning appointment.

Before you go for your appointment, you should make sure that your skin is completely clean and free of lotions or perfumes. This can hinder the ability of the sprays used to adhere to your skin. When you cleanse your skin, try to stay away from cleaners that are super abrasive or contain a lot of perfume.

It is ok to get rid of the excess skin on your body before you get dark spray on tan, but unless you have an old color you should not be overly aggressive with it. If you are getting resprayed, then try to get the dead skin off first. It is not required, but a little exfoliation is okay.

Staying away from water is important after you get dark spray on tan. This is to prevent any smudging that the water can cause. Getting sweaty after a workout can also cause your color to run, so it is best not to engage in those activities that can make you sweat afterwards.

If you want to get dark spray on tan to make you feel good, you should consider going to a salon. The professionals there can do it the right way. Be sure to take care of your skin before you go, and protect it directly after the procedure is complete.

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